Can you collect oas and still work?

Eldon Lynch asked a question: Can you collect oas and still work?
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You may be allowed to receive the Old Age Security ( OAS ) pension even if you're still working. If you earn a high income from work after you turn 65 years old you may need to pay some of the OAS pension back. You pay it back through the OAS recovery tax.


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- Your CPP/OAS Benefit is taxable income. You should consider your personal tax situation before choosing an amount. If you decide to have us withhold voluntary tax deductions, you may request an amount or percentage now, and have it changed at a later date.

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How much tax do i pay on oas?

The OAS recovery tax is 15 cents (15%) for every dollar exceeding the minimum threshold amount until OAS is totally eliminated. Let's dig into the numbers. If your total income in 2019 is $95,000, your repayment amount is calculated as: ($95,000 – $77,580) = $17,420.