Did lebron try to trademark taco tuesday?

Donny Paucek asked a question: Did lebron try to trademark taco tuesday?
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The USPTO has refused the TACO TUESDAY trademark application filed by Lebron James' company LBJ Trademarks, LLC… According to a tweet from Josh Gerben of the Gerben Law Firm on September 11, 2019, the refusal “finds that TACO TUESDAY is a 'commonplace message' and therefore fails to function as a trademark.

  • LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers superstar, tried unsuccessfully to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday,” reports ESPN. According to his teammates, King James still got he wanted from the application process. So, what exactly happened here? ‘Taco Tuesday,’ a common term


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LeBron James' hopes of making his boisterous “Taco Tuesday” social media posts into a trademark has apparently been denied. ESPN's Dave McMenamin reports James' application for the trademark was refused by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday because “Taco Tuesday” is “a commonplace term.”

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LeBron James Tried to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but Got Swatted Away The United States Patent and Trademark Office said that the phrase was “commonly used in everyday speech.”

by Lillie Champlin on October 4, 2019. LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers superstar, tried unsuccessfully to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday,” reports ESPN. According to his teammates, King James still got he wanted from the application process.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James' attempt to trademark the term "Taco Tuesday" has been denied, but according to James' team, he still accomplished the outcome he wanted from the application ...

LeBron James' effort to trademark the phrase "Taco Tuesday" has failed. According to ESPN , the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office refused James' application, saying that "Taco Tuesday" is "a ...

September 4, 2019, 2:24 PM. In case you didn’t know, LeBron James really loves Taco Tuesdays — so much that he’s pushing to trademark the phrase. On August 15, LBJ Trademarks LLC, a company ...

LeBron James Tried to Trademark 'Taco Tuesday'. Chances are you've heard the phrase “Taco Tuesday” over the years and even indulged in the delicious concept yourself. Well, LeBron James is a vocal fan of the weekly event, often enthusiastically sharing his own Taco Tuesday nights with fans via social media. But he's not stopping there.

LeBron James Live Today Tomorrow vs - - | The trademark application for “taco Tuesday” filed by the athlete’s company, LBJ Trademarks, last month was denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark ...

LeBron James is a big fan of "Taco Tuesday," so much so that he is looking to trademark the popular phrase. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images) LeBron James loves tacos and Tuesdays — so it ...

When I first heard that Los Angeles Laker LeBron James was trying to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday,” I had to roll my eyes a few times. I realize he is a King, building his empire of business, media, and entertainment pursuits, and conquering the game of basketball one NBA Final at a time. But not this.

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Why did lebron james trademark the name taco tuesday?
  • By definition, a trademark is a name or phrase which makes the holder’s services uniquely distinguishable from others with the same source. LeBron James does not sell tacos. Nobody would hear “Taco Tuesday” and link it to any of LeBron’s holdings. And if an actual taco restaurant can’t make the case for a trademark, chances are James can’t either.
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