Did tolkien trademark eldarin?

Philip Fahey asked a question: Did tolkien trademark eldarin?
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It is one of the many fictional languages set in his fictional universe of Middle-earth. Common Eldarin is a tongue spoken by Elves called Eldar or the West-Elves. ...

Common Eldarin
Created byJ. R. R. Tolkien
Setting and usageThe fictional world of Middle-earth


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Common Eldarin, or simply Eldarin, is a constructed language devised by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is one of the many fictional languages set in his fictional universe of Middle-earth. Common Eldarin is a tongue spoken by Elves called Eldar or the West-Elves.

Tolkien wrote (date not explicitly given, but it’s a very late note): It is not necessary to avoid at all costs similarities with known European languages – Eldarin is deliberately devised to resemble them in style – but here the resemblance either to Greek û or to the unrelated Norse ú, as a prefix, is too close. (VT42:33)

This would seem a surprising place for a list of Eldarin numbers, but the way this happened is very characteristic of Tolkien's late work. While discussing the river Lefnui (Levnui) appearing on the map of Middle-Earth, Tolkien noted that his intended derivation as 'fifth' did not go together with Sindarin phonology and the fact that he wanted ...

Tolkien invented two subfamilies (subgroups) of the Elvish languages. "The language of the Quendelie (Elves) was thus very early sundered into the branches Eldarin and Avarin". Avarin is the language of various Elves of the Second and Third Clans, who refused to come to Valinor. It developed into at least six Avarin languages.

This is consistent with the Eldarin preference for a duodecimal system, developed in the Common Eldarin period (LR:1107, VT42:24, VT47:16), and may be compared with the numeral tengwar system presented in Quettar #13 and #14 by Christopher Tolkien (republished in Quettar Special Publication #1).

I think that Neo-Eldarin definitions should consider the whole Elvish language-family, just as Tolkien did. Second, because Tolkien’s ideas on his languages were constantly evolving, it isn’t possible to incorporate all of his Elvish writings into Neo-Eldarin. Crafting Neo-Eldarin is as much about figuring out which words to exclude as it ...

Tolkien originally imagined that the language which would become Sindarin was spoken by the Ñoldor (second clan of Elves). However, Tolkien later decided that it was the language of the Sindar. For this reason it is called Noldorin in the older material, such as the Etymologies.

Christopher was in France and Michael in Switzerland, but John and Priscilla were able to come to his bedside. Eighty-one-year-old J R R Tolkien died in Bournemouth in the early hours of Sunday 2 September 1973. Thirty-five years later, his bungalow in Lakeside Road was demolished for ‘two energy-efficient luxury houses’.

Tolkien Research by an authorized administrator of ValpoScholar. For more information, please contact a ValpoScholar staff member at [email protected] Recommended Citation Goering, Nelson (2016) "Tolkien and Sanskrit (2016) by Mark T. Hooker,"Journal of Tolkien Research: Vol. 3: Iss. 3, Article 6.

I don’t know that there is a sourced answer to that question. Certainly by the standards of his time and ours Tolkien was conservative in nature but his letters to friends, relatives, business associates and fans never show any of the racist vitri...

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