Do the property brothers really work on the houses?

Rhea Corwin asked a question: Do the property brothers really work on the houses?
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Property Brothers was originally marketed as a series featuring a twin duo, wherein one of the brothers is a realtor and the other is a contractor who could physically get the job done… But these days, the brothers and their production company employ local contractors to help renovate homes for the show.

But these days, the brothers and their production company employ local contractors to help renovate homes for the show. In that regard, Jonathan and Drew's job in helping couples get their dream homes isn't too in-depth.


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Our Shows For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping families make their dream homes come true with Property Brothers. With our special mix of real estate savvy, design experience, renovation expertise, and a dash of twintuition, we work to create homes that are both functional and feel-good for each individual family.

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WATCH: Top 10 Things To Do In Texas It's a tough competition and the sibling rivalry tends to be fierce. That's why the Scott brothers ask for help and on the season opener, they bring in two Texas interior designers to give the homes a Southern flair—Beth Lindsey of Beth Lindsey Interior Design assisting on Team Drew and Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors working with Team Jonathan.

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