Does apple podcasts work with sonos?

Andy Hirthe asked a question: Does apple podcasts work with sonos?
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To listen to podcasts fromyour iPhone, simply connect it to the Sonos speaker over AirPlay. It's not thatsimple with Android devices, as you can see below. Create the “Podcasts”folder in the root directory of your Android device.


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Yes - if you have music actually residing on the phone you can play to Sonos via your wifi even if there is no internet connection. You can choose those songs from the ON this iPhone section of the app. You should also be able to play via Airplay2 if phone has internet and you have a newer Sonos unit in the mix.

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Note: Your network must have a high-speed Internet connection, as the Sonos system is designed to provide you with free, online software updates. Your Sonos system must be registered to receive these updates so be sure to register during the setup process.

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How do i connect my sonos with my home network?

Open the Sonos app and select Settings > System > Network > Wireless Set Up. This will guide you through the necessary steps. After entering your new WiFi password, you should then see a message saying your Sonos player is now set up on the new WiFi network.

How do i set up sonos at work?
  1. Connect your device to the WiFi network that Sonos is on.
  2. Open the Sonos app.
  3. When you see the message “Sonos found” at the top of the screen, tap Connect.
  4. Tap Let's connect…
  5. Once you see “Connected to your Sonos system,” select Done.
How do sonos work in my office?

The easiest way to do this would be to have the speaker directly wired to your network when used at home and office. If you're using a 'wireless' setup, that is that Sonos is connected by wifi to a network at home for example, than it won't be able to connect that wifi network when in the office.

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How to make sonos work with home network?

Option 1 - Wireless Mode

Open the Sonos app and select Settings > System > Network > Wireless Set Up. This will guide you through the necessary steps. After entering your new WiFi password, you should then see a message saying your Sonos player is now set up on the new WiFi network.