Does florida concealed carry work in alabama?

Lisette Douglas asked a question: Does florida concealed carry work in alabama?
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How Reciprocity Works In Alabama. Alabama honors all out of state concealed carry permits pursuant to section 13A-11-85 of the Alabama Code. Any person who has a concealed carry permit in another U.S. state can legally carry their firearm in Alabama. They will be subject to Alabama gun laws while in that state.


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Alabama honors all out-of-state concealed carry permits pursuant to section 13A-11-85 of the Alabama Code. Alabama residents must have an Alabama Pistol Permit to carry in the state. Any non-resident who has a concealed carry permit in another U.S. state can legally carry his or her firearm in Alabama but will be subject to Alabama gun laws while in that state.

Five more states, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia enacted similar concealed carry bans by 1859. This was followed by Florida, Oklahoma and Texas by 1900. Instead of an outright ban on firearms most states had opted to enact concealed carry laws by 1950. A trend towards more liberal firearms laws started in the late 1990s.

Alabama issues concealed handgun licenses only to residents of Alabama, through the sheriff of their county of residence. Currently, Alabama does not issue carry conceal permits to out of state residents. OTHER STATES Firearm laws can be complex.

Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota and Oklahoma also reciprocate Alabama's concealed-carry permits but with slight caveats. Previously, reported that about half of all states...

Alabama state law allows any person 19 years old and over to obtain a concealed carry permit. However, you can obtain a license to carry concealed firearm at the age of 18 if you are an emancipated minor. Applicants must submit a form to their local county Sheriff’s office, and pay the applicable fee.

You must have a permit in Alabama to carry a handgun if it's concealed or in a vehicle, unless you're in your home, on your land, or at your fixed place of business. Unless you're prohibited from owning a gun, you can keep a pistol in your vehicle if it's unloaded or locked in a container and out of reach, even if you don't have a concealed weapon permit.

33 states honor an Iowa concealed carry permit: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado (resident only), Florida (21+ and resident only), Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan (21+ and resident only), Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska (non-Professional permit only), New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (21+ and resident only), South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

A facially valid handgun permit, firearms permit, weapons permit or license issued by another state shall be valid in this state according to its terms and shall be treated as if it is a handgun permit issued by this state; provided, however, the provisions of this subsection (r) shall not be construed to authorize the holder of any out-of-state permit or license to carry, in this state, any firearm or weapon other than a handgun.

Section 790.015, Florida Statutes, allows Florida to recognize concealed weapon licenses issued by other states if the other state agrees to recognize Florida concealed weapon licenses. Florida has reached reciprocity agreements with the states listed below. A Florida concealed weapon license is valid in any of these states, and concealed weapon licenses issued to residents of these states are valid in Florida; exceptions are noted. Each state's firearm laws are different.

Alabama currently has reciprocity agreements with the following states; Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida,Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming

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