How much is cox cable internet in ri?

Emma Bartell asked a question: How much is cox cable internet in ri?
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Cox Internet Available in Rhode Island

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From super-fast 1 gigabyte-per-second connections to far slower 10 Mbps service, Rhode Island residents have a good selection of speeds to choose from, from some of the biggest names in the business like Cox, Spectrum and Fios. Rhode Island boasts an average statewide internet speed of 40.1 Mbps.

Internet Preferred 150 - Discount Offer expires 09/27/2021 and is available to new residential Cox Internet customers in select Cox service areas. Promotional period runs from first installation of Internet service, even if you change speeds.

Compare 16+ Cox Internet plans in Rhode Island to find the best plan for your needs. Find the best Cox Internet plans & deals in Rhode Island

Cox Internet Gigablast + Contour TV Preferred offers cranked up download speeds and tons of channels for $189.99 a month. If you have a high-bandwidth household, it might be worth the splurge. Unfortunately, aside from giving you one convenient bill and live TV, Cox internet and TV bundles don’t deliver much value.

Our fastest internet service. With Gigablast (1 gigabit internet) you can download a video game in 3 minutes, download 1,000 photos in 16 seconds and start streaming in 4k. Speed for all of your needs. $99.99/mo. for 12 months w/ 1-yr. term agrmt. Offer Details & Terms.

Cox: Cable 940 Mbps 3.8 Access 500,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots. $19.99/mo. 100% Verizon: Fiber 940 Mbps N/A Fios Internet provides 99.9% network reliability.‡ $39.99/mo. 100% Earthlink: DSL 25 Mbps 4.0 Download as much as you want with unlimited data. $49.95/mo. 85% Viasat: Satellite

Cox internet plans start at $49.99/mo and offer blazing-fast speeds up to 1000 Mbps, great connection stability along with free Cox security suite. Español Home

Cox basic cable and internet service currently starts at $129.99/month before equipment fees. How much is Cox High Speed Internet? Cox has various High Speed Internet options, costing as low as $29.99 for 25 Mbps going up to $99.99 for 940 Mbps.

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