How much of the world has internet 2018?

Brandy Nienow asked a question: How much of the world has internet 2018?
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The number of internet users in 2018 is 4.021 billion, up 7 percent year-on-year.

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Between 2014 and 2016 the share of people online globally increased by 8 percentage points – from 39.79% to 47.78%. Assuming the same increase again in the last two years would mean that in 2018 55.8% of the world are here

Not much happens in a minute of everyday life - but on the internet, it's a different story! See the web's scale visualized with this internet minute chart. What’s in Your Pocket? This infographic based on data from the University of Birmingham details all the critical metals that you carry in your pocket with your smartphone.

According to market intelligence company IDC, the ‘Global Datasphere’ in 2018 reached 18 zettabytes. This is the total of all data created, captured or replicated. (Not all of this data is being stored and kept, though.) The vast majority of the world’s data has been created in the last few years and this astonishing growth of data shows ...

From just 2.1% in 2005, those with internet connections grew to over 24% in 2018. The number of households in Africa with access to a computer also increased to 9.2% in 2018 from 3.6% in 2005 ...

The size of the World Wide Web (The Internet) is estimated here every day. The Indexed Web contains at least 4.55 billion pages. Last update Friday, 10 September, 2021 The Indexed Web contains at least 4.55 billion pages.

Asia had the most number of internet users around the world in 2018, with over 2 billion internet users, up from over 1.9 billion users in the previous year. (Internet World Stats, 2019) Europe had the second most number of internet

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