How to change a public network to private windows 7?

Clark Lebsack asked a question: How to change a public network to private windows 7?
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Click on Settings and then click on the Network icon. You'll see Network and then Connected. Go ahead and right-click on that and choose Turn sharing on or off. Now choose Yes if you want your network to be treated like a private network and No if you want it to be treated like a public network.

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If your active network is displayed as Public network, change the network type by clicking Public network and opening a selection window: Network type selection for an active network Select Home network or Work network to set the new network type.

Click on Private and then make sure you have these options enabled: – Turn on network discovery. – Turn on file and printer sharing. – Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections. Then collapse Private and expand Guest or Public and make sure you have these options set: – Turn off network discovery.

If your network is set as Public network, you can click Change advanced sharing settings in the left pane, and click Private. And make sure these three options are enabled: Turn on network discovery, Turn on file and printer sharing, Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections.

You can use PowerShell command to change network settings from public to private: Run PS as administrater Get-NetConnectionProfile and press Enter. Information is then shown about the active network connection.

If you’re using a Windows 7 computer, you can change a public network you’re connected to into a private network if you simply: Click on the Network icon in the Notification Area of your computer’s taskbar. Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

Through Network List Manager Policies 1. Open the Local Security Policy editor. A) In the left pane, select Network List Manager Policies. (see screenshot below) B) Go to step 3.

You can use the same process for changing any network type. Choose Start→Control Panel and, under the Network and Internet heading, click the View Network Status and Tasks link. Windows shows you the Network and Sharing Center. In the box marked View Your Active Networks, click the link that mentions the network type you now have.

Windows 7, network, location, Home, Work, Public Click the network location that you want to assign and the change is made. Windows 7 informs you of this change. Click Close and you are done.

When the Local Security Policy window opens, click Network List Manager Policies in the left pane. Double-click on the name of the current network connection in the right pane. Click the Network Location tab at the top. Under the Location type, you can choose either Private or Public.

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