How to change active network name in windows 10?

Brandt Dicki asked a question: How to change active network name in windows 10?
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Select “Network List Manager Policies” in the left pane. You'll see a list of all the network profiles on your system. To rename a profile, double-click it. Select the “Name” box, type a new name for the network, and then click “OK.”

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Here’s how to change a Windows 10 network profile, using the Registry: Launch the Registry Editor by clicking the Start button, then typing regedit into the search field. Hit Enter and give permission for it to make changes to your computer.

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4 In the right pane of Network List Manager Policies, double click/tap on the network name (ex: Brink-Router2) you want to change. (see screenshot above) 5 Select (dot) Name under the Name section, type a new name you want for the network profile, and click/tap on OK. (see screenshot below) The default setting is Not configured.

How to Change Network Name in Windows 10?path :- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profilesmore videosincrease Jio... How to Change Network Name in ...

How to change Active Network in Windows 10 Just upgraded to Windows 10 on work computer. We have a network printer and it lets everyone scan documents to their computer, but after upgrading, it will not do this anymore and my guess is that the "Network" is a "Private network" and not a "Work network" as it was in Windows 7.

3- Change network type using Local Security Policy. Go to Run –> secpol.msc. Select Network List Manager Policies. This will list all the networks in the right hand pane. Double click your desired network, go to Network Location tab. Change the Network location type to either Not configured, private or public.

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