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It’s unclear why gelatin is promoted as a natural way to delay the start of your period, and there’s no research to support it. Drinking large amounts of gelatin may have some side effects ...

Lemon has acidic properties and citric acid that help delay your period. Simply chewing a lemon slowly not only helps postpone your period but also resolves other issues, like tenderness, painand inflammation when your period eventually arrives. You can also squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and rink it regular for benefits.

Here’s how to delay the onset of your period naturally using parsley leaves: Put a handful of parsley leaves in water. Heat to boil. Strain the water and add some honey to taste. Drink the mixture while still warm. Do this twice or thrice a day for the most effective results. This mixture has no known side effects. 6. Lemon

How to delay your period naturally-Home remedies to postpone periods: We always need to prefer using home remedies and natural methods to delay the periods rather than opting for pills or drugs. We only need to use drugs when there is no another go as it can have some side effects.

Just like lemon juice, Raspberry leaves are an abundant source of Vitamin C which helps to delay your period by slowing down the menstrual process. Raspberry leaf tea is also very beneficial during periods as it contains fragarine and alkaloid which reduces cramps by toning and relaxing the uterus. Raspberry leaf tea helps reduce PMS, cramping, nausea and keeps you high on energy and makes your immune system stronger.

Limited evidence is available to support the use of natural remedies, such as shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) or yarrow (Achillea millefolium), to delay a period. Other nonmedicinal ...

Apple cider vinegar is effective for delaying your periods. Apple cider vinegar is not just great for fat loss and diabetes but is considered to be an effective home remedy for delaying your upcoming periods. It does not only push back your dates but can decrease the symptoms and blood flow once you go through the menstrual phase post delay.

Dissolved gelatin in water is sometimes recommended as a way to postpone your period. Does it work? Hmmm. From what we gather, this only delays things by three to four hours so not really. Is it ...

Ginger is also a great remedy that can help you stop your period naturally at home. You will need to. Boil the ginger for an hour tops; Cool it for some time and drink a cup or two of the ginger soup; Repeat this to natural stop your period flow fast; 5. Cinnamon

Norethisterone is a medication that is a synthetic progestogen, similar to the progesterone hormone that we produce naturally in our bodies. 3 If you want to postpone your period it is possible to start taking norethisterone three days before your period is due. Your doctor will prescribe you three tablets a day that you can take for up to 20 days, delaying your period for this amount of time. You should start bleeding between two and four days after your stop taking the medication.

To postpone your menstrual cycle naturally, there are a variety of techniques, but these techniques are highly recommended to do before the date of your period. Now, we will show you some of the best methods for period delay that you should consider applying for good.

A more "certain" way to delay your period would be to begin adjusting your birth control regimen earlier — as in, a few months before the event for which you are trying to avoid having a period. If you make the switch earlier (by taking more active pills in an earlier month and then continuing the once a month routine), you body will have plenty of time to adjust to the change. [3]

Here are 11 foods to delay your periods naturally-1. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is popular for relieving the symptoms of PMS. However, the miraculous benefits of apple cider vinegar do not just end there. It is also an effective natural remedy to naturally delay the periods.

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