How to get free data on etisalat network?

Henriette Howell asked a question: How to get free data on etisalat network?
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đź’» How to subscribe on etisalat network?

Dial *200# and choose your preferred option or text “help” to 229 to get the subscription codes via SMS.

  1. 9mobile Internet Bundles…
  2. 9mobile Smartphone Plans…
  3. 9mobile Smartpaks…
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đź’» How to change network from du to etisalat?

You can now get your number ported to Du or Etisalat by simply following these five easy steps.

  1. Activate the porting request…
  2. Choose a pre-paid or post-paid plan…
  3. Fill out the porting application form and sign it…
  4. The transfer…
  5. Swap your SIM cards.

đź’» How to change network from etisalat to du?

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit one of our shops or authorized partner shops with a valid ID.
  2. Choose from one of our monthly mobile plans (The Smart Plan) or Pay As You Go® and you'll receive a new du SIM.
  3. Fill in and sign the porting request form.

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To browse for free on Etisalat, you need a modem and laptop or a smart phone. Then after you got these things, you need to configure or learn how to configure the settings of your modem, laptop or phone in order for it to work.

To check data balance, dial *228#. You will see 500MB as the available data on the popup message your receive. Avoid it, the other 2GB is hidden for you and can't be used unless you follow my recommendations. You are ready to browse without interruptions on your phone.

Break Free With Etisalat’s New Hourly Data Packs. Pay just AED 3 for 1 hour or AED 6 for 3 hours and enjoy unlimited browsing, streaming and downloading at speeds of up to 3Mbps. Get great value with maximum flexibility and complete control of your spend. Available for a limited period only!

9Mobile/Etisalat Daily/Weekly Data Plan + the all-new 9mobile free social plan for the new year 2020. 24MB for N50. Valid for 24 hours (1 day). Dial *229*3*8# 100MB for N100. Valid for 24 hours (1 day). Dial *229*3*1# 250MB for N200 valid for 7 days ( I week). Dial *229*2*10# 650MB for N200 Valid for 24 hours (1 day). Dial *229*3*2#

In the above table, you will see the Etisalat data plan for the follow request, as I will still list them below. Etisalat (9mobile) 500 naira data plan : *229*2*12# Validation Period is 30 days. Etisalat (9mobile) 100 naira data plan : *229*3*1# Validation Period is 1 day.

Everyday Data Packs for Prepaid. Forget Wi-Fi and stay connected worry-free with the Everyday data pack of your choice. Daily data allowances are available from 75MB up to 1GB and are reset every day.

To share data with other Etisalat (9Mobile) users, you will have to dial the following combination: *229*PIN*amount of MB*9Mobile number#. For instance, if you want to share 20 MB with someone, type something like *229*1111*20*0801234567# (of course, with your real pin-code and this person’s number).

SURF AWAY WITH MYDATA PLAN - MOBILE BROADBAND. Take your internet wherever you go across the UAE with My Data Plan - Mobile broadband. Enjoy incredible value and fast data coverage on your favourite SIM-enabled device, whether it’s a tablet, a router or a Mi-Fi.

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TBH neither ISPs provides good internet only plans, good plans comes with TV STB. etisalat offers free speed booster for Emirates among other perks, so a 50Mbps with STB will cost 359AED\m in etisalat, while in du the 48Mbps with STB will cost 460AED\m.

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How do you change etisalat wireless password?


How to apply for etisalat internet connection?

eLife internet offers superfast download speeds, unlimited data and free calls to UAE landline. Plans start from AED 299/month with free installation. Etisalat UAE | eLife Internet

How to change etisalat internet access password?

Change your password. Enter your email address to change your password. To make sure that your account is secure, whenever you change your password we’ll sign you out of your devices. You can sign back in with your new password.

How to change internet wireless password etisalat?

Therefore, we mentioned some simple steps in this article to help you change your Etisalat password smoothly: Go to your Internet browser and type the IP address of the Etisalat router in the address bar.

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Background data is when apps consume data when they are not actively in use. If an app can't connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will use your mobile data plan to refresh its content. Background data usage can burn through a significant chunk of your monthly data plan.

How to activate botim in etisalat home internet?

Ask you friends and family members to download the same app. 3. Make sure that both users have an internet connection. 4. As etisalat users, you both need to make sure that you are subscribe to one of the Internet Calling plans that fits you. 5. You can now start making and receiving calls.

How to apply for etisalat internet connection charges?

With My Etisalat UAE app’s new update, you have the option to schedule a moving date for your eLife connection at your fingertips. Simply log in to My Etisalat UAE app to select your move-out date. If you’d like to talk to us instead, you can even request a callback. *Home moving charges may apply

How to apply for etisalat internet connection packages?

Keep your business on top and in control with Etisalat’s highly flexible internet packages! Check our exciting plans . Starting from 1095 AED/Month . See Plans A One Stop Solution That Will Ensure Your Business Flies High. Our Internet packages have been expertly designed to be the ideal connection companion for both a company and its employees. A high-speed internet connection, a landline ...