How would you leverage your network to find a new job?

Gregoria Gleichner asked a question: How would you leverage your network to find a new job?
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Stay connected.

Too often, people only reach out to their more distant network when they need a job, a contact, or a reference. Stay in touch with people regularly, especially when you're not asking for anything. Check-in on them regularly, share an article, or just let them know they came to mind.

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Growing your network successfully and leveraging it to advance your career takes these key steps and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Developing new connections is the key to building and expanding your network. Leverage your current professional connections to tap into these secondary or tertiary networks by asking to get introduced via Zoom or reaching out to people you know from a distance but with whom you don’t normally interact. Maybe there’s someone you met in a previous role who can help you now during your job search. Even though it might be hard to put yourself out there, take advantage to be open and ...

Start with a job or company you’re interested in, and use LinkedIn to find out who you’re connected with in the company who can refer you. Make sure that all your social networks are updated and are reflecting your mission to find a new job. With effective networking, aim to turn a handful of great contacts into dozens of contacts in a few weeks. Stay organized, keep track of who you’ve talked to, and make sure to follow up, just as you would after a job interview.

Change up your tactic and start reaching out to your network. If you know someone in your desired field, ask if he’ll review your application candidly. As in: “Could you tell me if you see any reasons why you wouldn’t offer me an interview. And don’t pull any punches—I’d rather hear it from you than hear nothing from recruiters at all!”

Find and follow people who work in your area so you can join in conversations and make yourself known. This increases your chances that you can find a new job through referrals, rather than...

Try job search networking; it really does work, and many jobs are found by networking. Jobvite's 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey reports that 50% of respondents heard about jobs from friends, while 37% say they also learn about jobs from professional networks.

Additionally, you can cultivate your current network by reaching out and staying in touch while seeking new opportunities. And if you are comfortable mingling and mixing, attending networking events and career fairs is a great way to boost your exposure and grow your network. Seven tips on how to network to find a job:

Make sure that you are clear and concise in your conversation with your contacts and give them a direct description of what you’re looking for. 6) Think about what to ask for This is all very well, but what exactly are you asking them for?

Twelve Job Searching Strategies Here are 12 job searching strategies that you can use to find a great job: Be selective with your search. Maintain a strong digital presence.

Building relationships is crucial to succeeding in the workplace and while you are searching for your next job. Effective networking can help cultivate quality relationships, which may lead to promotions and interview opportunities. While networking can be rewarding, it requires strategy, motivation and sometimes courage.

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