Is 35000 a year a good salary?

Sedrick Cormier asked a question: Is 35000 a year a good salary?
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£35k is quite a high salary. Most certainly! London is as expensive as you want it to be. I moved here from the north two years ago, into Clerkenwell (still my most desirable place to live in London) on £30k and although it was pay check to paycheck, got along just fine.

Yes. It's not great but it is about £4,000 above the UK median income and so more than half the UK workforce is earning less than this. You would have to live carefully but it's certainly doable.

This data showed that the average weekly income for a full-time wage or salary worker was $936. That means if you're working a 40-hour workweek, you'd be making approximately $48,672 or less… A $35,000 salary doesn't sound like much, but there are savvy ways to live on a 35k a year salary and pocket side cash.

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