Is 50k a good salary in dubai?

Ruby Denesik asked a question: Is 50k a good salary in dubai?
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The general consensus on this board has been that 40k per month, which includes schooling and housing, is just about the minimum that a western family with school-aged kids in Dubai requires to maintain a decent lifestyle. If you can increase your household income to 50k, you're much better positioned.

Yes, infact it is the much better salary in Dubai to live a comfortable luxurious life along with your family and kids, but still you need to be cautious as Dubai is damn expensive, especially for those living with their family and dependents. Only top position executives earn 45k and above these days in Dubai.

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What is considered a good salary in Dubai? On average 15,000 AED/ month or (4000 USD) is considered good income in Dubai for a family of 4 persons Husband, Wife, and 2 children. This average income can be less or more for living in Dubai depends upon way of living.. How much do electricians earn […]

with a salary of 50k, you can take 1,000,000 AED at a rate of 2.89 for a tenure of 48 months. Atleast I havent heard of such low borrowing rates anywhere else. depends on where youre from, but this amount if invested in the proper real estate or fund will get you returns of 10% yoy easy.

20,000 AED would put you in the top 15–20% of earners in Dubai, so it’s by no means a salary to dismiss. As with any salary, how ‘good’ it is will depend on your lifestyle and spending habits, and on other personal factors like whether you have family or not. With a minimalist lifestyle, 20K can take you a long way.

Dubai average income or average salary in Dubai is a common Question for a new person who wants to move in Dubai. On average 15,000 AED/ month or (4000 USD) is considered good income in Dubai for a family of 4 persons Husband, Wife, and 2 children.

2 points · 2 years ago. I'd say 50k is on the high side, but 40k is about right. Assume 10-12k for a townhouse per month (lots of good deals these days), and 5k x 2 for school (assuming they're not Grade X or above), that's 20-25k spent with 15k left over to live on. Doable although 45k would be more comfortable.

School will be alot - 50% contribution is low. Friends of mine pay circa AED35-45K a year for their kids schooling. I honestly think you could get more, 10 yrs experience plus Abu Dhabi tends to pay more than Dubai as its a less appealing proposition. If you could get AED 40-45K be good.

“Not Paying Salary on Time” Illegal: Up to 50K AED Fine for Employer Recently, we received a message from one of our readers mentioning that a certain “reputable” company has not paid its workers for more than two months now.

Table of average wages and salary ranges for jobs in Dubai. Similar pay scales and wages paid in Abu Dhabi companies and jobs (or higher), similar or lower in other emirates. All salary figures are monthly in UAE dirhams (AED) (3.67 dhs = US$1). Actual amount will depend on qualifications, experience, employee nationality, employment history, employer mood, and other random factors.

Salary range: Dh.8996. Laborers in Dubai are mostly from other developing countries and this job is amongst the lowest paying jobs in Dubai. If you have skills of a laborer then you can apply for the job and can expect a salary ranging from Dh.600-1500, depending on your expertise.

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