Is a vessle hull copyright comparible to patent protection?

Lloyd Rau asked a question: Is a vessle hull copyright comparible to patent protection?
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When does a vessel design become a copyright?

  • Protection is afforded only to vessel designs embodied in actual vessel hulls that are publicly exhibited, publicly distributed, or offered for sale or sold to the public on or after October 28, 1998. The Copyright Office has promulgated interim regulations for registration of vessel designs.

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Vessel Hull Designs. The Vessel Hull Design Protection Act, Title 17, Chapter 13 of the United States Code, was signed into law on October 28, 1998, providing for protection for original designs of vessel hulls. The law grants an owner of an original vessel hull design certain exclusive rights provided that application for registration of the ...

Notice for a protected design is similar to a copyright notice and comprises any of the following notations “Protected Design”, “Prot’d Des”, (D) or *D*, the year date protection commenced and the owners name or abbreviation of the name… Vessel hulls and decks can also be the subject of design patents, but if a design patent is ...

Unlike typical copyright rules (where providing the public "notice" of the copyright using the copyright symbol is permissive) when it comes to vessel hull design, copyright registration MUST be displayed. The mandatory design notice must contain “the name of the owner [of the design], an abbreviation by which the name can be recognized, or a ...

As a result, vessel hulls protected under chapter 13 lose that protection if they acquire U.S. design patent protection. Unlike copyright law, where protection arises at the m oment of creation, an ori ginal vessel hull design is not protected under chapter 13 until it is made public or the registration of the design

Any vessel hull design that is original and attractive or distinctive in appearance can be registered within the designated time period, without regard to national origin. 20 Protection commences upon publication of the registration, and lasts for ten years. 21. Protection under the bill is narrower in scope than copyright protection.

Right now there are two types of patents/trademarks: functional trademarks and "style" trademarks (ala Hinkley and the picnic boat). If you lift functional aspects like steps and they're recognizable and patented, you might very well run into trouble. As far as "style" trademarks, that's something new and I don't know enough to comment.

protected through design patents, trade dre ss, and copyright. In addition, the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act established a specialized, or sui generis, intellectual property right for the protection of boat hull designs. Some experts argue that the present intellectual property regime does not adequately protect industrial designers.

Failing to protect such packaging can be a major misstep since competitors often infringe upon both packaging as well as products. Design Patent. A design patent protects the ornamental design (i.e., the “look and feel”) of an invention. In other words, design patents protect the way an invention (including, potentially, product packaging ...

offered by this act is more comparable to patent protection than that by the. Offered by this act is more comparable to patent. School West Rowan High; Course Title AGRICULTURE 101; Uploaded By alikeys0313. Pages 542 This preview shows page 375 - 377 out of 542 pages…

A method of assembling middle bodies of vessel hulls for vessels to be used for the transportation of liquid, granular and gaseous cargoes, comprising preliminarily installing, between starboard side and port side D-type modules of the middle body, a deck section, a bottom section and a cross bulkhead outside the place of assembly of the middle body of a vessel hull thereby assembling a ...

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