Is internet an electricity?

Germaine Hoeger asked a question: Is internet an electricity?
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20% of the world's total electricity consumption may be used by the Internet by 2025. Some may find this appalling, but to me, it's absolutely fine… According to a recent report from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, about 10% of the world's total electricity consumption is currently used by the Internet.

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Internet access is as essential and liberating today as electricity was then. For the children and students of the nation, who have no say at all about where they live and learn, technological ...

Another solution that is both ambitious but also inevitable is what people are terming the Internet of Electricity (IoE). The new grid and the Internet of Electricity

People who lack both electricity and internet are often overlooked by traditional operators because they are typically considered either too remote or too poor. Several smaller players are now stepping in to serve these neglected segments of the market and challenge the way internet and electricity are delivered.

Internet of Energy is a technological term that refers to the upgrading and automating of electricity infrastructures for energy producers and manufacturers. IoE allows energy production to move...

An internet of energy for all. As the history of the internet has shown, every new participant in a network increases the possibilities and opportunities for the overall system. The same goes for the energy system. Its value grows when a simple power grid evolves into a comprehensive energy network.

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