What are the three zscaler internet access platform services categories?

Lambert Wilderman asked a question: What are the three zscaler internet access platform services categories?
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Zscaler Internet Access includes Access Control services (Cloud Firewall, Bandwidth Control, URL Filtering, and DNS Filtering); Threat Prevention services (Cloud Sandbox, Advanced Protection, Antivirus, and DNS Security) and Data Protection services (Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Application Control, and File Type ...

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Products > Zscaler Internet Access Get always-on, identical protection across all users—mobile, branch, and HQ Zscaler Internet Access is a 100 percent cloud-delivered security stack as a service.

Zscaler Internet Access: • Advanced ZIA Security Stack: The full ZIA security stack contains Cloud Firewall/IPS, Cloud Sandbox, Cloud DLP, Cloud Access Security

Zscaler Cloud Security Platform can be broken down into three categories: threat prevention, access control, and data protection. Threat prevention includes a proxy, an intrusion prevention system...

ZSCALER INTERNET ACCESS PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION CLOUD SECURITY SERVICES (CONTINUED) DATA PROTECTION Cloud Application Visibility Discover and monitor web app access (such as streaming, social, email) Cloud Application Control Gain granular control over web app access (such as streaming, social, email) Add-on Essentials Out-of-band CASB

Since a single IP address is capable of running multiple hosts or applications, Zscaler does not typically place IP addresses into the predefined URL categories. However, if a SaaS or cloud provider dedicates an IP address or IP range to an application, the Zscaler service categorizes it. For example, is used for Office 365 and is categorized as Professional Services and Office 365.

Reviewers rated Zscaler Internet Access higher than Forcepoint Web Security (Appliance) in the following categories. Better at service and support; Easier to integrate and deploy; Better evaluation and contracting

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30% considered McAfee. 24% considered Broadcom (Symantec) All Zscaler Internet Access Alternatives ( 21) Compare Zscaler Internet Access with competitors. Compare Zscaler Internet Access vs Cisco Umbrella. Compare Zscaler Internet Access vs Forcepoint Web Security (Appliance)

Symantec Web Security Service and Zscaler Internet Access both offer cloud-based secure web gateways that minimize the need for multiple traditional network security controls.

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