What does a network security architect do?

Zackery Ziemann asked a question: What does a network security architect do?
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A cybersecurity architect (sometimes just called a “security architect”) is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining the security systems within an organization's IT network, including the computer systems and data. In other words, they are the go-to person, the one in charge, in the area of cybersecurity.

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A network security architect annual salary averages $106,844, which breaks down to $51.37 an hour. However, network security architects can earn anywhere from upwards of $80,000 to $142,000 a year. This means that the top-earning network security architects make $62,000 more than the lowest-earning ones.

What does a Security Architect do? A security architect is responsible for designing security structures to thwart malware and hacker intrusions to an organization's computer system. Once these structures are in place, the security architect will test for any weaknesses and audit the entire system.

A security architect is the individual who is responsible for maintaining the security of a company’s computer system. They must think like a hacker would, because they must anticipate all of the moves and tactics that hackers will use to try and gain unauthorized access to the computer system.

Computer network architects often work with computer systems engineers who help build the network they have designed. Planning the implementation of security patches or other counter measures must be taken into consideration when designing networks in case of vulnerabilities.

The main task of a network security engineer is to plan, design, optimize, implement, audit, and troubleshoot the network security system to improve the efficiency of the organization. The network security job is to protect the network from threats and bugs that could attack the system and also from the existing dangers.

A security architect is a computing professional who focuses on maintaining security in a computer system. Security architects work in a variety of settings, securing corporate networks, government computer systems, and websites, and they are part of an overall information technology staff which is designed to keep a computer system relevant, current, and useful.

A Security Architect should understand a lot about the business they’re trying to secure. They should have a working knowledge of cloud technologies, understand who the big players are, and the ...

What Does a Security Architect Do? Security architects assess their organizations’ information technology and computer systems, identifying strengths and weaknesses. They conduct penetration tests, risk analyses, and ethical hacks on local area networks, wide area networks, and virtual private networks.

A Security Architect is responsible for designing, building, testing and implementing security systems within an organisation’s IT network. A Security Architect is expected to have a thorough understanding of complex IT systems and stay up to date with the latest security standards, systems and authentication protocols, as well as best practice security products.

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