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A phone is sold SIM–free if it does not come with a SIM card… Instead, it's up to you to provide a SIM card for the phone. A SIM–free phone can come locked or unlocked. If it is locked (some networks do this), then you must insert a matching SIM or unlock the phone usually at your cost.

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A mobile can be purchased without a Sim card and still be locked to a network, so, if you have a monthly pay deal and want a new handset but do not want to change the deal, you may consider a Sim free mobile. In this case, you would either need to buy a handset that is on the same network as the monthly deal sim card you have so your phone and Sim card match or, you would need to buy a phone that has been unlocked to be used on any network.

SIM Free is literally what it sounds like. A phone that is free of a SIM card. Unlike phones you may pick up from networks such as Virgin, Vodafone and O2, which are often ‘locked’ to a certain carrier, SIM Free phones are completely ‘unlocked’ from specific networks. This means you can interchange SIM cards from different carriers in the phone.

SIM-free means the phone is being sold without a SIM card and has no requirement to top-up at point of purchase. SIM-free phones may be locked to a specific network or unlocked, and may or may not include branding and custom software. Unlocked means the phone is not locked to a specific network (see note below). Unlocked phones may or may not include a SIM card, and may or may not have an initial top-up requirement.

In other words, the carrier has not locked either the unlocked phone or the SIM free phone to their network so it is free to be used on another carrier's network. But just because you can take your unlocked or SIM free phone to another network doesn't mean it will actually work on another cell carrier's network. The Band Differences

The SIM-free iPhone comes without a wireless contract commitment or carrier financing. It doesn’t come with a nano-SIM card for iPhone 5s. And because it’s unlocked, it isn’t tied to one carrier, so you can get a nano-SIM from any supported GSM carrier worldwide, such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States. Purchasing a SIM-free iPhone means you ...

Does sim free mean unlocked? If you want to know the precise difference, check out this short guide to learn more about sim free and unlocked phones available. Many people fail to differentiate between sim-free and unlocked phones.

Part 3. What is the SIM Network Unlock PIN/Code? The SIM Network Unlock PIN is a code provided by the network carriers in order to unlock your SIM Card. This said lock was also placed by them so that you are only able to use their network. Before 2009, the code for unlocking Samsung mobiles was an 8 digit number. But after 2019 that changed.

In computer network research, network simulation is a technique whereby a software program models the behavior of a network by calculating the interaction between the different network entities. Most simulators use discrete event simulation - the modeling of systems in which state variables change at discrete points in time. The behavior of the network and the various applications and services it supports can then be observed in a test lab; various attributes of the environment can also be modif

SIM-free means that the phone you are buying does not come with a SIM-card. Typically this means that you are buying the phone outright - it does not come with a pay monthly contract. There are some complexities to explain, though, so read on for a more thorough explanation.

An unlocked phone (which doesn't ever have to have been locked) is a phone which can be used with the sim card of any network. A sim free phone is a phone which you buy sans any sort of sim. These can be locked (as Carphone Warehouse's sim free but network locked iPhones show).

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