What is a riser adapter?

Mavis Braun asked a question: What is a riser adapter?
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The riser adaptor is the component that provides the change in connection from API flange or hub connection to a proprietary OEM riser connection for connection to the riser string… The bottom can be an API connection or it can be welded directly to the lower flex joint.

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What is a PCIe Riser? PCIe Riser card is used to provide additional space for GPUs or adapter cards. It is often the basic component of the multi-GPU mining rig, as the PCIe riser or PCIe extender actually provides the additional space to place multiple GPUs in the GPU mining rig.

The area in and around a motherboards PCIe lanes are very restricted on space with usually enough room for only one or two graphics cards. GPU risers are the adapters that allow a GPU to connect to a motherboard via USB cable.

Riser Adapter. Senninger® Riser Adapters make irrigating easier in hard to reach places and is ideal for temporary and portable systems. Riser Adapters are connected to the laterals allowing the sprinklers on each to be repositioned as needed.

A Riser Card is a printed circuit board that gives a computer motherboard the option for additional expansion cards to be added to the computer. Usage. 1U 1-slot 32-Bit PCI Riser Card. 2U 3-slot 32-Bit PCI Riser Card. Riser Cards are add-in cards that are inserted into a ...

Risers & Adapters. Whether you have a plastic or concrete septic tank it will need to be pumped every 3-5 years. This will mean digging if your tank is buried. By using risers and tank adapters you can raise the lids on your concrete or plastic tank up to grade making the tank accessable year round for pumping, filter cleaning, and any maintenance ...

1) No, you don't have to use it on a mining board, but that's what they're designed for. They will usually work on normal motherboards, but there's no point to using them. 2) There's no conversion going on, it's a passive adapter. And no, you don't get x16 bandwidth, you get a single PCIe lane as the adapter implies.

Orenco Septic Tank Riser Adapters: Never Dig Again!

I'd rather not replace any more of the steering assembly than the bar or stem riser/adapter. I do have enough cable slack to raise the bars 3 inches if I don't increase the bar width any. My current bars are 580mm which suit me fine for the type of riding I do. As far as I can tell, the max rise on bars of 580-640 mm width is no more than 2".

Corrugated Pipe Adapter (4" Corrugated to 4" SDR 35) $7.00. Add to Cart. Corrugated Pipe Adapter (6 in. corrugated to 6 in. SDR 35 or SCH 40) $28.50. Add to Cart. Corrugated Pipe Adapter (3" Corrugated to 4" SDR 35) $6.00. Add to Cart.

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