What is minimum wage in louisiana?

Landen Skiles asked a question: What is minimum wage in louisiana?
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Louisiana is one of only five states without a state minimum wage, meaning many workers in our state are stuck at the $7.25 federal minimum wage that has not been raised since 2009.

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It is located at the bottom of this page. In early 2018, the state held talks to increase the ...

Louisiana’s exempt employees and their respective minimum rates are as follows: Louisiana student minimum wage — $6.26; Louisiana under 20 minimum wage — $4.25;

The minimum wage is adjusted annually based on a set formula. Continuing on from 2019 to 2023, the minimum wage will increase 85 cents per hour each year before reaching $12.00.

You may be paid under the Louisiana minimum wage if you fit into one of the following categories: Louisiana Under 20 Minimum Wage - $4.25 - Federal law allows any employer in Louisiana to pay a new employee who is... Louisiana Student Minimum Wage - $6.16 - Full-time high school or college students ...

What is the minimum wage in Louisiana? The Louisiana minimum wage remains unchanged from the last few years at $7.25. Louisiana mirrors the federal minimum wage. The Louisiana minimum wage was last changed in 2008, when it was raised $0.70 from $6.55 to $7.25. The federal rate has not changed since 2009.

In Louisiana, there are no minimum wage laws at the state level. As a result, the minimum wage defaults to the federal minimum wage, making it $7.25 per hour for non-tipped workers and $2.13 per ...

What is the average wage in Louisiana? Average Salary in Louisiana Annual Salary Hourly Wage Top Earners $82,322 $40 75th Percentile $67,687 $33 Average $55,279 $27 25th Percentile $45,277 $22 What is the minimum wage in Louisiana 2020? $7.25 How much is $25 an hour after taxes? How Much Money do You Earn Each Year? […]

Poverty Wage: $6.13 $8.29 $10.44 $12.60 $8.29 $10.44 $12.60 $14.75 $4.14 $5.22 $6.30 $7.38 Minimum Wage: $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25

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