What is pando networks media booster?

Aron Crooks asked a question: What is pando networks media booster?
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I have a problem when i try to install pando media booster. . .

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The Pando Media Booster (PMB) was an application by Pando Networks that publishers of games and software could employ to ensure safe, complete and speedy downloads of large files. PMB was primarily used to download MMORPGs.


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Pando media booster download

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Pando Media Booster (PMB) is an application by Pando Networks that is used by game and software publishers to ensure safe, complete and speedy downloads of large files. PMB is primarily used to download MMORPGs.

Pando shut down its servers and ceased business on August 31, 2013. As of February 24, 2014 the Pando Media Booster has been hijacked and unsuspecting persons who install a prompted update have their internet browsers hijacked and a virus called the "Sweet Page" browser virus is installed on their machine.

Pando Media Booster é um pequeno aplicativo que acelera o download de grandes jogos e softwares através de nuvem de entrega conteúdo Pando. Pando Media Booster, também conhecido como PMB (ou PMB.exe), é usado para baixar algumas dos MMOs mais populares da indústria, tais como MapleStory, League of Legends, LOTRO e muitos mais.

Pando Media Booster copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is pmb.exe. Sometimes it creates new startup key with name Pando Media Booster and value pmb.exe.

What is Pando Media Booster? Pando Media Booster is a software from Pando Networks that helps speed up file transfer, streaming and/or downloading of HD-quality video files or very large game applications. It is a very small application that runs in the background using the secure Pando Network’s peer-assist type of technology.

Unlike Pando, PMB could not be used to send files from the user's computer. PMB was only activated to deliver Pando-enabled downloads from commercial sources such as TV networks, software publishers and gaming companies. Conflicts The Pando Media Booster (PMB.exe) listened on 443 and 563.

Pando Media Booster (PMB) is an application by Pando Networks that is used by game and software publishers to ensure safe, complete and speedy downloads of large files. PMB is primarily used to downlo...

What Is Pando Media Booster Download Package From. Users of PMB participated in a secure, closed peer-to-peer network where users received pieces of the download package from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as peers, or other active users. PMB was usually packaged and automatically uploaded to a PC without the knowledge of the user.

Pando Media Booster is a Freeware software in the category Games & Entertainment developed by Pando Networks Inc.. It was checked for updates 346 times by the users of our client application UpdateStar during the last month. The latest version of Pando Media Booster is, released on 03/19/2015.

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