What network is showing super bowl 2020?

Patsy Pfannerstill asked a question: What network is showing super bowl 2020?
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(CBS has the most Super Bowl broadcasts with 20.) The NFL's current agreement with its network partners is set to expire in 2022 after Super Bowl 56....Who is broadcasting the Super Bowl in 2020?

Super BowlBroadcast networkNFL season
Super Bowl 55CBS2020
Super Bowl 54 (49ers vs. Chiefs)Fox2019

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In 2020, the Super Bowl will be aired on Fox. You will be able to stream the game for free via FoxSports.com, or by using the Fox Sports app on various home devices. The lead Fox commentary team of...

Super Bowl LIV will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Currently home to the Dolphins, the venue has previously hosted five Super Bowls. It will be the 11th Super Bowl hosted by ...

Fox will be hosting next year's Super Bowl, and it can streamed on fuboTV. Obviously CBS Sports will be with fans every step of the way come the 2019 season (and everything leading up to that...

This marks the ninth Super Bowl broadcast for Fox, and the second time it has done the game in Miami. CBS has done the most Super Bowls with 20, followed by NBC (19), Fox and ABC (seven).

Super Bowl 2020 live stream in Canada The Chiefs-49ers matchup is on CTV, along with TSN1/3/4/5, but you can also stream the game live on DAZN. DAZN is a global sports streaming service that offers...

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