What work must be sealed by an engineer in texas?

Summer Schaden asked a question: What work must be sealed by an engineer in texas?
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As your project moves to construction, our work is not over. Our materials professionals partner with our geotechnical engineers to further confirm our subsurface understanding, perform testing necessary to document quality, and address encountered variations. That’s our philosophy. “We do that,” and so much more. EVENTS AND MEDIA

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Texas Administrative Code. (a) The purpose of the engineer's seal is to assure the user of the engineering product that the work has been performed or directly supervised by the professional engineer named and to delineate the scope of the engineer's work. (b) License holders shall only seal work done by them, performed under their direct ...

(2) Engineering work required to bear a seal and signature includes the original title sheet of bound engineering reports, specifications, details, calculations or estimates, and each original sheet of plans or drawings regardless of size or binding.

(3) the engineer has received administrative approval by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners to practice architecture under Section 1051.607. (c) An engineer is responsible for the engineering plans and specifications of a building unless the work is exempt under Section 1001.053 or 1001.056. In this section, the

Board Rule §137.77 requires that any firm offering engineering services to the public be registered with the Board. Taken together, that means any engineering work released to the public must be signed and sealed by a PE who is working for a registered engineering firm. This includes the PE working alone as a sole practitioner.

Every registered architect, interior designer, and landscape architect must procure a seal that is used to identify all construction documents prepared by the registrant or under the registrant's supervision and control for use in Texas.

Every sheet within the plans and prints must be signed, dated and sealed by the professional engineer in responsible charge. A title block shall be used on each sheet of plans or prints and shall contain the printed name, address, and license number of the engineer who has signed, dated and sealed the plans or prints.

In most jurisdictions, the engineer who is in responsible charge is the person who must seal the documents. Sealing an engineering document provides a clear and effective way for the public to know who prepared the design and, therefore, who is responsible for ensuring the work was done in a professional manner that is protective of public safety.

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specifications signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer; or (2) the Board from requiring, by rule, that certain manufactured products delivered to or used by the public must be designed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer, if necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

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