Which network shows the super bowl?

Yasmeen Collier asked a question: Which network shows the super bowl?
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The weeknd’s full pepsi super bowl lv halftime show

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Super Bowl LX: NBC in February 2026. Super Bowl LXI: ABC/ESPN in February 2027. Super Bowl LXII: CBS in February 2028. Super Bowl LXIII: Fox in February 2029.

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Top 5 most watched super bowl halftime shows

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NBC will televise Super Bowl LVI on February 6, 2022, from Inglewood, California. The game broadcast will start at 6:30 p.m. ET, with kickoff shortly thereafter. For the channel in your area ...

^Note 1 : Super Bowl I was simulcast on both CBS (at the time the sole NFL network) and NBC (the AFL network). From Super Bowl II onward, the networks began rotating exclusive coverage of the game on an annual basis. Super Bowls I–VI were blacked out in the television markets of the host cities, due to league restrictions then in place.

Super Bowl 2020 radio stations The 49ers call of Super Bowl 54 can be heard on Sirius channel 82 and XM channel 226, and the Chiefs call can be heard on Sirius channel 83 and XM channel 225.

In 2020, it's Fox's turn to broadcast the Super Bowl, marking its last Super Bowl broadcast of the current TV rights deal. This will be the ninth time Fox has shown the Super Bowl. (CBS has the...

Super Bowl LV will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 7, 2021 and NFL Network has, by far, the most comprehensive around-the-clock coverage of Super Bowl Week ahead of...

Katy Perry performing during the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show at the University of Phoenix Stadium in February 2015. It is the most watched halftime show on network broadcast, with a TV audience of 118.5 million. Halftime shows are a tradition during American football games at all levels of competition.

Among such shows is ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2003 following Super Bowl XXXVII. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), and is typically the highest-rated single television broadcast in the United States of any given year.

Super Bowl LIV is expected to draw a TV audience of roughly 100 million people, and FOX’s broadcast features the latest cutting-edge technology. The first Super Bowl was played at the Memorial...

Super Bowl VII was telecast in Los Angeles on an experimental basis after all tickets were sold ten days before the game. Game analyst John Madden is the only person to broadcast a Super Bowl for each of the four networks that have televised the game (five with CBS, three with Fox, two with ABC, and one with NBC).

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Top 10 greatest super bowl halftime shows