Which of the following is the best example of a trademark?

Katherine Emard asked a question: Which of the following is the best example of a trademark?
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1.) Name – Coco Chanel is a perfect example of a name that is a trademark. The famous designer Coco Chanel built her successful fashion empire by using her name. People knew that if they were to purchase a Coco Chanel product they were going to receive quality craftsmanship.

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Her name is considered a trademark because it is also the brand name of her company and is used to distinguish herself from other designers and generic clothing manufacturers. 2.) Symbol – The McDonalds golden arch is a classic example of a symbol trademark.

The best trademark examples are some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Trademark examples include: Microsoft. There are also many different types of trademarks including service marks, trade dress and strong trademarks like fanciful trademarks and weak trademarks such as descriptive trademarks.

A) It is ideal for products, services, or knowledge that is highly complex. B) It is easy to maintain control over how the licensed asset is used. C) It requires very little capital investment in the foreign market. D) It guarantees a basis for future FDI in the market.

Flaira, a high-end clothing brand in Florida, signs a licensing agreement with a firm in Honolulu to allow the latter to use Flaira's brand name, trademark, and business methods to operate the same clothing business in Honolulu. In exchange, the Honolulu firm has to pay the owner of Flaira an annual fee.

Herewith, the 10 most valuable trademarks: The Trademark: Google. Trademark value: $44.3 billion. Company market capitalization (number of shares times share price): $164 billion

Which of the following is the best example of a convenience product? a. sheets that match the new guest room wallpaper b. a cup of coffee purchased on the way to work c. an alarm clock purchased by an individual who wants to always be punctual d. a $39.95 rose bush for the front yard of a new home

Which of the following is an example of a successful descriptive trademark? a. Nike b. Coca-Cola c. Bufferin d. Chicken of the Sea e. Lysol

Trademarked by the Dry Ice Corporation of America in 1925. A solid form of carbon dioxide. Escalator Originally a trademark of Otis Elevator Company and it was a registered trademark until 1950. Flip phone Originally a trademark of Motorola. Flit gun

IBM, CTV, and AT&T are distinctive trademarks because their respective owners poured tens of millions of dollars into making the marks famous. Even a poor trademark can be made famous if you throw enough money at it.

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