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Altice Mobile will operate on the AT&T and Sprint networks and be available to people who live "in or near" where Altice or Suddenlink offer home internet service, including all of New York City.

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Although Altice’s phone plans are not available to everyone nationwide, service is available across the country. The primary network used for service is now T-Mobile. AT&T is used for roaming. Domestic data roaming is limited to 2G data speeds.

What network does Altice Mobile use? Altice Mobile is powered by the nationwide network AT&T offering the same coverage without the expensive price tag. With an MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator, you could save up to $600 a year on your cell phone bill, without sacrificing the features you love.

Rather than build out its own costly wireless infrastructure, Altice struck a deal with AT&T and Sprint to use their already established networks, with the addition of thousands of Altice's own "small cells" that act essentially as mini cell towers, through which the wireless traffic is switched.

Altice Mobile's primary network partner is Sprint, and the company has a roaming agreement in place to use AT&T's network. Should the Sprint and T-Mobile merger be completed Altice USA's deal with Sprint will be expanded to include a 7-year wholesale agreement with T-Mobile. The expanded deal will grant Altice USA access to T-Mobile's network including its 5G infrastructure and give it more time to strategically plan the further build-out of its own wireless infrastructure.

Altice Mobile will use AT&T and Sprint's networks to deliver its service. The company said the service will be available to people living in or near where service is offered by Optimum or...

Altice owns and provides the phone SIM, so Altice Mobile customers can use their same phone and SIM to switch between AT&T's and Sprint’s radio access network (RAN) depending on location, Altice...

Altice USA to launch MVNO cell service using lowly Sprint network. While it has a large presence in Europe, Altice is a fairly new name in the USA. The company recently bought Cablevision -- the ...

What phones can I bring to Altice Mobile? Altice Mobile is currently able to support iPhones (SE, 6 and above), Motorola, and some Samsung devices for Bring Your Own Phone. To confirm that your device is eligible, visit alticemobile.com/bringyourownphone and enter your IMEI as instructed. You can also message an Altice Mobile Experts by clicking ...

Altice USA, Inc., commonly known as Altice, is an American cable television provider with headquarters in New York City. It delivers pay television, Internet access, telephone services, and original television content to approximately 4.9 million residential and business customers in 21 states. As a multiple-systems operator, the company operates the Optimum and Suddenlink brands, which it plans to rebrand under the Altice name. The company also provides international news through the February 2

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