Why doesn my printer show up in my network?

Devan Upton asked a question: Why doesn my printer show up in my network?
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Make sure File and Printer Sharing and Network Discovery are enabled on the printer server or the computer where the printer is physically connected… To check, click "Start," type “network” (without quotes) in the Search box, and select “Network and Sharing Center” when it appears in the search results.

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I had a complaint that (in an environment with 8 satellite offices) that not all of their network printers were showing up in the "add printer wizard" screen. This doesn't mean that the printers aren't being published to the directory, but you may not see more than 20 printers in the quick-add wizard. If you click on "the printer I want isn't listed" then you can search the Entire Directory and load however many printers you have published- be it 21 or 2000.

Then you need to turn off the printers SSID broadcast. Disable Wireless Direct in the printer. Now connect your printer to your routers SSID with password. Done.

I have done a clean sweep (Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers and all related support software) in all of my network computers. However, I still haven't found the reason why the network printers no longer show up. Even though the network printers no longer show up I'm going to mark this thread as "Solved". Everything does work OK.

Is this common? If not, how can I "force" my printer to show up as an attached device to my router? When I search for printers on Windows 10, it finds the printer and connects to it, and I'm able to print fine, so I know the printer is connected to the network and functioning properly. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

We used to be able to go to "Printers->Add a Printer->Add a network printer" and see all printers from our two print servers. Now, no printers come up in the list. When using "Find Printers.qds" you can view the printers. When you type the server name in when adding the printer manually, the printers will populate in a drop down. The printers can thus be installed by manually entering the printer name. Screenshots attached:

i thought it could be a signal interference with my neighboor's network ( and that was the case ) since my printer only show his network and not mine... so what i did is that i went to my D-link Router défault gettway page ( and checked the Wireless channel that my router was transmitting on and surprisingly i found that my router was set on Channel 13 , which doesn't even show on the channel's select drop down menu ( my router support only channel from 1 to 11 ) so i ...

If I browse my windows seven pc using "my network placecs" here don't showing my shared printer. If I browse my pc from run using IP address then my shared printer is showing. So what's problem in my xp pc. why my network places option not showing shared printer. If have any connectivity problem then I didn't found it by run option. I checked the advance file and printer sharing option. Here tern on is network discovery and file and printer sharing option.

The printer is not detected after Windows update. Is that right? I would like to definitely help you. First of all, uninstall the old drivers installed in the PC following the steps below. Right click “Start” and select “Programs and features”. Find the option which has the printer name and click “Uninstall” at the top of the window.

Re: Printer Not Recognized on Network. By "not recognized by the network" I mean that the printer indicates that IT is connected to WiFi, but the network does not show that the printer is a part of the network. It is not on the network map. I do not have an IP address for the printer.

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