Why is mobile internet so expensive in canada?

Orlo Zulauf asked a question: Why is mobile internet so expensive in canada?
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Is it more expensive to get data in Canada?

  • Just last May, plans with 15GB of data were 72% more expensive in Canada. Today, plans over 20GB are only 37% more expensive than their US counterparts. Even so, there's still room to improve. Canadians are used to the idea of overage charges.

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Telecommunications in Canada are regulated by the federal government. Their rules say you can’t sell Internet or phone or TV to Canadians unless you are a Canadian corporation. This has created a cartel where three companies control 90% of the mar...

Why is mobile data so expensive in Canada? Went to India for vacation and a new sim there costs about $5 for unlimited calling and 1.5gb/day for a month. One of my friends who works for Telus says it might be because Canada has a very small population spread far geographically but this still seems crazy expensive (almost 200x costlier).

For example, it said it wasn’t fair to compare a more expensive 3 GB plan in Canada against a cheaper 2 GB plan in the U.S. They are likely referring to how mobile internet services were grouped into 3 data baskets for comparison that represent a typical Canadian’s low, “average” and high usage: Level 1: 2 to 5 GB (low)

For the most part, Canadians spend between 15%-40% more on their cell phone plans compared to Americans. Where Canadians can spend almost $50/month on a 2GB data plan, Americans are averaging less than $40/month even when accounting for the exchange rate. Canada enjoys better cellular service than most countries but we also pay more for it.

Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for home internet and mobile phone data plans, and those prices are going up again soon. “Canadians...pay about two to three ...

Why Canadians are spending more on wireless and internet services A new report by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says the average Canadian household spent $203 per ...

Once upon a time, we'd pay something like $90/mo for TV and $40/mo for Internet. Now we're paying more along the lines of $30/mo for TV and $100/mo for Internet. clearly. Companies like Wind Mobile show up, and at least for people in the cities, they are basically 50% off your phone bill.

Reliance on mobile data: When mobile data is the primary source of internet in a particular region, adoption can become nearly universal. This high demand typically leads to an increase in competing providers, which in turn lowers the cost. Kyrgyzstan is a good example of this.

The country’s average internet download speed is 45 Mbps and the average price is $52 per month. The top speed is 1,500 Mbps Download. People living in Saint John’s are paying for some of the most expensive home internet plans in the country. On the other side of the scale, Halifax has the cheapest Home Internet plans.

Here’s why some Canadian internet providers have hiked prices despite coronavirus - National | Globalnews.ca It's all because of long-standing battles between the major networks, smaller providers,...

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