Why is my digital aerial not working?

Aubree Cormier asked a question: Why is my digital aerial not working?
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💻 Wireless tv aerial extension?

Then add a wireless sender to it via the scart socket. Then you would need some form of analogue tv card on the pc in the other room combined with the pickup part of …

💻 Help!! wireless tv aerial extension?

The TV would still need at least a set top aerial to receive the signal anyway. You can get AV sender/receiver systems, but these work by sending the audio and video wirelessly from one TV to another (but not the TV signal), so your spare TV can only receive what the main TV is receiving from the main aerial, and of course, both TVs would have to be switched on.

💻 Can you get a wireless tv aerial?

There are gadgets you can buy, but totally illegal to install and/or use. These gadgets actually retransmit the TV signal, and if you do that, you can be prosecuted for transmitting without a licence. The TV would still need at least a set top aerial to receive the signal anyway.

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But aerials that look perfectly fine can also be faulty. This is usually through waterlogging and usually this is because the aerial hasn’t been installed correctly in the first place, but other things can break your TV aerial like electrical storms and just age.

Why won’t my TV aerial work? You probably asked yourself. Thankfully this blog post will go over some of the most common reasons why your digital aerial or antenna isn’t working as it should be and some of the things you can do yourself to try and get it working again.

Now that we’ve covered a number of reasons why your TV aerial isn’t working, let’s take a look at the solutions: Power Supply Unit or Amplifier is Switched Off For this issue, simply plug it back in and make sure that you have the aerial output and input around the right way.

Why does my digital aerial not work TV interference caused by 4G at 800 MHz will only occur once a 4G mast has been switched on. You are more likely to be affected if you live close to a new 4G mast, are in an area with weak digital TV reception or have a TV signal booster.

Posted February 2, 2017 When people see a message that there is no signal on the screen of their TV, they usually assume that that’s why their television doesn’t start with the auto-setup activity. But, how can you be sure that your TV aerial is working or not?

I have 2 transmitters within 16miles (Blackhill is 13miles away and Darvel is just under 16miles away. My area is supposedly good for reception. Not sure if it'll help but I've got Sky dish and it's perfect for the other two TVs that use it. It's only the roof aerial for

The easiest way to check whether the problem is with your TV or the aerial socket, is to plug in a different TV. If you have a different TV in the house, connect it to the aerial point you want to test, and perform a scan for channels. Another way of checking, is take your TV to a socket that you know is working, and try that.

Basically unless the signal from the transmitter is strong where you are an indoor aerial is not likely to give good results. Not to say it can never work, but the situations where it does work are...

May 30, 2014. #7. I had a bailey caravan where I had the same problem directional roof aerial not working. Always switch the amplifier on should get a red light to say the 12 volt supply to the amplifier is working. Now I tested my aerial by removing the input lead from the aerial lead that goes into the amplifier, connected it to a directional ...

Alternatively you can contact Aerials Direct, a Freeview accredited installer, for a quote.* Other useful notes Freeview is not a manufacturer, retailer or installer of digital TV products and therefore cannot provide specific advice on addressing reception issues in your home.

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Signals themselves are neither digital nor analog; those words refer to two different means of encoding information on to a given signal. From that perspective, a wifi signal generally carries information encoded in digital form.

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