Why is my etag not working?

Aaliyah Spinka asked a question: Why is my etag not working?
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If it doesn't beep at all, your tag may be incorrectly installed. Check your tag is properly installed by reading our tag installation instructions. If your tag is properly installed but still not beeping, order a replacement tag by calling 13 33 31. It's a good idea to order a replacement as soon as you can.


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What is ETag header and how it works? ETag (entity tag) response header provides a mechanism to cache unchanged resources. It's value is an identifier which represents a specific version of the resource. Here's an example ETag header: Note that value of ETag must be a quoted-string.

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Okay, so I noticed my Cloudfront isn't caching when I ran Google Page Tools and it told me that my images had no expiration set. I use Amazon S3 through Cloudfront. There's no headers set on S3 because I have hundreds of folders and thousands of image files

When I make a request first time ,I retrieve the ETag from the HTTP response headers. In the subsequent requests to download that file I'd attach the Etag value for If-None-Match headerfield so that if there is no change then I'd get HTTP response status code 304 or else I'd get 200 if there is a change in the file.

In this case I store etag in variable and after second request I get status 304. However, storing etags is not something I want to do. Scenario that doesn’t work, but it should (server returns status 200 each time)

My etag was not detected on the M5/M2/Bridge and got an email saying I was getting a no-tag fee for each occasion. I called them up and they told me that my 2 year old tag was showing low battery and that it had been "tampered" with.

Weak ETag values of two representations of the same resources might be semantically equivalent, but not byte-for-byte identical. This means weak etags prevent caching when byte range requests are used, but strong etags mean range requests can still be cached.

I also spent some time to find out why ETag is not working. As you said, I had gzipping enabled that affected my caching. Cheers! – Ilja Hämäläinen Feb 1 '18 at 18:53 > there is no point in sending the ETag when it's not going to match the response used to ...

YSlow runs in your browser--it has no way of knowing if ETags are configured correctly or not. As a rule of thumb, it is saying that you shouldn't use ETags because you are more likely to have them misconfigured than properly configured in a multi-server environment. (And YSlow is aimed at users with large, multi-server websites.)

The 'ETag' header with the new value is also included in the response. The browser uses the new XYZ and updates its cache with the new data. Generating ETag value ETag specification does not dictate how to generate ETag values. That's entirely up to the

I'm trying to get cache working - including the use of ETags, but so far I've had no success. This is my OkHttpClient Builder: val cache = Cache( directory = app.cacheDir, maxSize = 10L * 1024L * 1024L ) return OkHttpClient.Builder() .ca...

1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 2. Based on your JSON, you have a single outer object, not a list. var folder = new JavaScriptSerializer ().Deserialize (response.Content); You should be deserializing into a single FolderItems object with a list of entries on that object. Share.

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