Why is my firewall showing connected to public networks?




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đź’» Why does windows firewall say public networks connected?

Why does it say "Connected" next to "Public Networks" in my Windows Firewall page when in fact my computer does not show it is connected to any network at all? Why is Windows Firewall telling me I am connected but all the other relevant notifications in my

đź’» What does local networks vs public networks mean firewall?

1 – Make sure your PC is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 2 – Right-click on the Network icon located in the Notifications area (the lower-right corner of the screen), then click Open Network and Internet settings. Note: You should now see a window displaying your Wi-Fi network status. 3 – Click Properties.

đź’» Is windows 10 firewall public network not connected?

Using PowerShell to Set Network from Public to Private in Windows 10. If you do not see the "Change connection properties" link mentioned in Step #2 above, and are unable to click on "Public or "Private" on the proceeding page, it likely means you're using an old version of Windows 10. In that case, you can manually set any connection that is Public to Private using an administrative PowerShell.

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I was recently just looking around on the Control Panel I then came across the Windows Defender Firewall and it shows that I'm connected to a "Guest or public networks" It states below the drop down menu that "Networks in public places such as airports or cafes" But my connection is a home network and I would of thought I would be connected on the top one "Private networks" please tell me if i'm wrong or if I should maybe be worrying in case of security reasons.

If you receive Windows Update error 8024400a, 8024400d, or 8024400e while checking for updates, it might be caused by a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update servers. Close Windows Update, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then run Windows Update again.

Below is a generic screenshot of the Windows Firewall page that I am talking about (not from my own computer). The only difference is that instead of the words "Inactive" and "Active", mine says "Not Connected" (next to the Private Networks) and "Connected" (next to the Public Networks). 03-19-2011 08:41 AM - edited ‎03-19-2011 02:32 PM.

Microsoft uses Network Location Awareness (NLA) to determine if a network connection is on a public LAN, private LAN, or domain network. Sometimes, it gets it wrong. The issue with wrong placement is that the firewall rules that get used are based on the connection’s location.

To begin: in your tray bar near the click, look for your network connection. It will either be an ethernet connection icon (which sort of looks like an LCD monitor - click here for an example pic which shows the ethernet icon next to the battery icon in the tray bar ), or, it will be a Wifi symbol if you're using Wifi.

The behaviour of a false network classification can be caused the NLA (network location awareness) service starts before the domain is available. In this case the public or private network is chosen and not corrected afterwards. How to check if this fault situation is given

Windows assumes that your private networks–like your home or work networks–are trusted networks full of other devices you may want to connect to. Windows assumes that public networks are full of other people’s devices you don’t want to connect to, so it uses different settings.

It probably is counter intuitive but Public network means infact that you are "more protected", and it refers to the kind of network you are connected to, so if you are in a public network (like a free wifi) you sould use "public network" settings; if you use your own network (your private network) you can use "private network" settings, maybe to share data with another device in you private network.

Upon checking the Windows Firewall status, we were surprised to see that the Domain and Private networks were showing as Not Connected and only the Public Networks as Connected. The screenshot for the same is shown below : As a start, we confirmed that the Windows Server and workstation services were started and running in the server.

When your Wi-Fi network’s profile is set to “Public”, Windows prevents the device from being discoverable by other devices that are connected to the network. It also turns off “File and Printer Sharing” on your device to prevent other connected devices from being able to access the files on your machine or use your printer.

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Below is a generic screenshot of the Windows Firewall page that I am talking about (not from my own computer). The only difference is that instead of the words "Inactive" and "Active", mine says "Not Connected" (next to the Private Networks) and "Connected" (next to the Public Networks). 03-19-2011 08:41 AM - edited ‎03-19-2011 02:32 PM.

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How to Change Firewall Settings

  1. Go to the start menu and select "Control Panel." Click on the Windows Firewall icon…
  2. Choose either "On," "Block all incoming connections" or "Off" under the "General" tab…
  3. Click the "Exceptions" tab to choose which programs you do not want to be protected by the firewall.
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