Why is my internet working but not phone number?

Domenico Deckow asked a question: Why is my internet working but not phone number?
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💻 How to access gci internet on phone number?

Find People, Phone Numbers, Addresses and More Phonebooks.com is the only website to offer users access to three different types of people searches and an international telephone directory. Unlike similar websites, all our information is available completely free.

💻 How to unblock internet access on phone number?

Tap Settings. Scroll down and tap Blocked numbers. A list of blocked phone numbers will appear. If you don’t see this option, return to the Phone app and tap ⁝ (at the top-right corner), select Settings, then Call blocking. Tap the number you wish to unblock. A confirmation message will appear.

💻 Which is the best mobile phone internet not working?

Turn on your Airplane mode, turn off your phone, count to 30, turn your phone back on, turn the Airplane mode off again, wait for about 30 seconds and then test your internet to see if this trick fixed it, if it does then enjoy and if not then keep reading for some additional suggestions.

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Some internet is working, but my POS system is not connecting to the internet. Our phones are also down (for past 3 days). The message callers are getting sounds like we are CLOSED. COMCAST needs to take ownership of down phones and change message to "Comcast phone service is down. Try again later". Unfair to businesses to not take ownership of your service issues.

Re: Broadband working, phone not working. Go to solution. try disconnecting every thing from your phone sockets then just plug the phone back in and check if the noise is still there and the dial tone is still there also check any sky boxes you may have are disconnected from the phone line. 1 Rating. Chris88.

Dear Crowdsupport Community, I am a bit tired of trying to solve my problem on 1800 TFIBRE, so I thought I'd try this instead. Here is my situation: NBN via HFC installed a week ago. Internet fine, phone not working. Called support, was told the modem might be faulty, was sent replacement m...

You have a filter attached to the phone jack in the wall. Assuming that filter has two ports, one is connected to your phone, the other is connected to your modem. Then your router is connected "behind" your modem. And any computers are connected to the LAN ports on your router or via Wi-Fi.

I got NBN installation on 5 April, 2019. Internet is working fine but phone line is not working since then. I have tried to connect the phone to Phone 1 port and Phone 2 port of the modem, but both are not working. I have also tried to switch off the modem, then restart again, but it's still not working.

try connecting to the test socket with a filter and see if phone works if not phone 151 and report a phone fault

If your phone and internet and tv is all connected, you could phone the company on your cell phone and if you get a message, "for our customers, repairs ---or something like that," you will know that they are working on the lines or there was a storm there.

You should now have your number activated on your device. To verify, go back into "Settings" > "About Phone", but then select "Status". The 3rd or 4th item down should be "My phone number". Verify that number is the number you transferred to Ting. If so, you should be all set. Try making/receiving a test call or text message and it should work.

Line works on outside box but no dial-tone inside, just a fuzzy noise. I have the Verizon DSL wireless router and the internet works. The All-in-one-wireless printer/fax says "Phone off hook" but when I unplug the phone from wall jack the wireless fax will dial. Working line outside indicates internal wiring problem; but how can the internet work if my wires are corrupt?

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How to get internet without a home phone number?

myhomefone allows users to keep their home phone and their phone number even without the NBN. The NBN rollout meant customers had to use the new network to connect to the internet and to connect their home phones. This has caused a lot of anxiety for older customers who didn’t necessarily want the NBN but who still wanted a home phone.

How to make computer share internet with phone number?

Locate and right click on the network that you want to share with your Android device via USB cable. From the options that gets expanded out, click on Status option or Properties option. STEP 7. A new window named Wireless Network Connection Status opens up. You need to locate and click on the button named Properties.

How to set up cox internet service phone number?

Install Cox Services - Look up your account by phone number Look up your account by phone number Enter your phone number, and we'll send you a quick verification code. When you log in, we'll check to make sure you have the option to set up your equipment yourself before you get started.

How to get unlimited internet on android phone not working?

Next, go to your Android settings and proceed to “ Mobile Networks” or “Preferred Network”. In all cases select it to “ Automatic ”. This way your device will be connected to the preferred network automatically. 5.

Why is my internet not working on my samsung phone?

Here are a couple things you can try to fix this issue: Power off your device completely, then power it back on. Make sure you have a network connection (if you have No Service click here). Go to Settings > Data Usage and make sure mobile data is checked ☑ and there is no data limit blocking you.

Why isn't my internet working on my phone area code?

Phone has full signal but I can't use the internet. For the past few months I have been trying to resolve this issue with my T-Mobile service: 1. Phone shows …

Why isn't my internet working on my phone on computer?

Sometimes WIFI will work on everything but your phone. If another device (laptop, PC, tablet) you are using has a working WIFI connection, this is a good place to start. Since WIFI is being used on another device it is clear that the connection is not the problem. First, be sure that your phones WIFI detector is on and can find networks near you.

Internet not working?

Restart your PC 1) On your keyboard, click the Start button and Restart. 2) After your PC restarts, follow the path: click the Start button > Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi (on the left side of the pane). Select the network connection you have and click Connect.

How do i enable mobile internet on my phone number?

While your phone will automatically switch to Wi-Fi if a network is available, you can manually control your mobile data use by enabling and disabling it. You can also enable Data saver to prevent mobile data usage by apps that are running in the background. Activate or deactivate mobile data Restrict background data usage

How do i fix my verizon internet connection phone number?

2) Look for the number of the "Office of the President' on the internet. If you can find that, they will be very responsive. posted by hazyspring at 8:38 PM on May 26, 2009

How do i get my phone number off the internet?

Use the Internet against them Possibly the most effective method is to use the Internet against sites that would promote your number and besmirch your online reputation. ReputationDefender can help you find and bury sites that are selling your phone number, or get your phone number removed from the Internet.

How to get internet on laptop using mobile phone number?

The internet service on your mobile has to be on the activate mode. And in case if it is not then you need to call up your service provider and get it activated. Do note that internet service packages & plans vary from country to country. For instance, in America mobile service provider Verizon include internet service as part of their data plan.

How to get vodafone internet settings for windows phone number?

To connect to the internet from your phone, you need to have the right data tariff activated on your mobile phone number and a proper telephone setting which enables internet connection. Find out which tariff you have activated or choose one of the data tariffs in the My Vodafone Self Care.

How to get your internet troubleshoot boost mobile phone number?

Verify your phone is connected to the Boost Mobile data network using Boost Zone. From the home screen, tap the All Apps icon, then tap Boost Zone . Swipe to the left to open Device Diagnostics. Network is in the Passed section: Your phone is connected to the Boost data network. Network is in the Failed or Flagged section: Update the Data Profile.

How to install internet explorer on windows 10 phone number?

Internet Explorer is not available on Windows 10 mobile. You could try a few other third party browsers from the store (on your phone)

Why can't iphone use internet while on the phone number?

Thanks so much for the info...while using iPhone 6...I was able to use the internet while I was talking on phone, but when I upgraded to 6s, it didn't automatically turn on LTE voice & data, so when I turned on the data part, I am able to talk on the phone & send msgs, use the internet at the same time now, like before...I am with Sprint as long as I'm in LTE service area.

Why is there no internet connection on my phone number?

Here are 3 most likely reasons why your phone isn’t connecting to the internet. #1. Data Switch is off!

Cartoon network phone number?


Do you need a working phone like for cable internet access?

Visible is a bit of a wild card, but it works well for some people. It’s an MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network and actually offers true unlimited hotspot data. If you need a phone plan that you can use to connect a laptop for school or emails, Visible might be the most economical option we’ve found.

Do you need a working phone like for cable internet available?

Fiber speeds can reach above 300 Mbps, even up to 2,000 Mbps, and fiber’s upload speeds can range from 50 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps. Fiber networks are expanding, but they’re still not quite as available as cable internet. With its direct cables and reliable signal, cable remains a good way for most people to get high-speed internet.

Do you need a working phone like for cable internet connection?

Although fibre-optic broadband is mostly delivered via cables, most connections (via FTTC) still use the copper phone lines to transfer data into your home. This means you’ll have to pay line rental, even if you don’t use a landline for calls. Do you need a phone line for fiber optic Internet? Because fibre-optic broadband uses […]

Do you need a working phone like for cable internet coverage?

It’s not the most widely available cable internet provider, but it is among the fastest. Cox promises up to 300 Mbps of download power, near the ceiling for cable internet speed. The Ultimate Internet 300 Mbps plan is a little on the pricey side at $69.99 a month, but Cox offers three cheaper cable internet alternatives for those on tighter budgets

Do you need a working phone like for cable internet free?

Internet telephone (sometimes referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) is phone service that connects via the internet through a cable or DSL modem instead of a traditional landline. To establish the connection, your provider sets up a small device, known as a telephony adapter, to your modem that translates your voice into data ...

Do you need a working phone like for cable internet service?

You probably don’t need cable or phone service. So, if you want to cut the cable cord, don’t worry, you can still get internet without cable or a phone line. Just contact your provider to see the standalone internet options in your area. Cheapest cable internet without TV

Cable internet not working?

In order to this, you can: Right-click on the Windows icon in the lower left of the screen. Click on Network Go to Network Connections. From here, scroll down and click on Network and Sharing Center.