Why is my ip geolocation wrong?

Morgan Berge asked a question: Why is my ip geolocation wrong?
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đź’» Does ip address location (geolocation) really work?

IP-to-Location Accuracy

IP based geolocation services can only provide an approximate measure of geolocation accuracy. With these services, you can obtain 95 percent to 99 percent accuracy of a user's country. IP based geolocation services provide 55 percent to 80 percent accuracy for a user's region or state.

đź’» How to get geolocation from ip address?

IP Geolocation API is free and easy to use and comes under MIT license. Just send HTTP GET request to https://api.ipgeolocationapi.com with different parameters and get the JSON result. For example, the following HTTP GET request will give you a location of the specified IP address.

đź’» Where is geolocation of an ip address?

IP-based Geolocation is mapping of an IP address or MAC address to the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computing or a mobile device. Geolocation involves in mapping IP address to the country, region (city), latitude/longitude, ISP and domain name among other useful things.

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Cortana appears to be using my ip address, but that is for a town 87 miles from my home. This is actually an improvement from earlier results I had, that set my location over a hundred miles from my home. Since some of Cortana's best features are dependent on knowing my true location, this would appear to be an important thing to address. I would recommend allowing users to manually set their ...

Why is my IP address wrong? Have you been to a website or used an app that can detect what city and state you are in? This is called geolocation and it's powered by third-party databases. Not all geolocation services are the same.

Frequently, an IP address’s geolocation will inaccurately display a location far from where the hosting server is physically housed. A website may be hosted on a server in Amsterdam, but the server’s IP address is showing a US geolocation. How is that possible?

Aside from this, you will also find that the geolocation is determined via the location of your internet provider, rather than your location. When a website uses incorrect or unofficial information to try and locate you, it is more than likely to show that you are in a different city to the one that you are browsing from.

ip address right.. geolocation wrong.. · is my IP address.. depending on which geolocator it is tracked by.. you get either Hood River, OR or White Salmon WA. this issue has been going on since september when i moved back to OR from FL.. Embarq, my ISP, has 2 towers one in each Ip Address Location Wrong · Wrong IPv4 address OK, Here is my problem, I just reset my router and ...

That IP address is allocated from a pool of IP addresses that is assigned to the ISP. Most often, the "geolocation" of an IP address is based on the business address of the ISP to which that IP address has been assigned. Thus, the location reported for your IP address will always be different from your own physical location.

No. Often that can be where the ip is REGISTERED to.. not necessarily your PHSICAL location. IPs often have a GEOip location with them, which is more to where you normaly are.. but they are not always updated. Rogers has a large set of IP addresses, and you could get assigned one that was from here.

Re: IP location showing incorrect location (wrong country!) It's down to the third-party databases that content providers use to tell them your location based on your IP address. I'm in the North East of England but currently, my IP address is a Vodafone one that's allocated in these third-party databases to Belfast Northern Ireland.

Why Is My IP Geolocation Incorrect? IP address geolocation is never 100% accurate. The IP address information we provide comes from third party databases that have different data conventions and gathering methods. To clarify, we do not maintain our own IP address database.

If a website or service doesn’t use official information about your IP address to figure out where you are, then it’s possible you’ll appear in a different location on that site than your VPN says you’re browsing from. It’s sadly unavoidable, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it, but it’s not the VPN’s fault. 2

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