Why is my lan not working on mac?

Carmelo Lynch asked a question: Why is my lan not working on mac?
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If you have an Ethernet device (such as a DSL or cable modem, or an Ethernet hub or router) connected to your Mac and it doesn't seem to be working properly, check the cables and network settings, and restart the device and your Mac… Wait a few minutes, then turn the Ethernet device back on.


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How do they work? Computer networks connect nodes like computers, routers, and switches using cables, fiber optics, or wireless signals… Each device on a network uses an Internet Protocol or IP address, a string of numbers that uniquely identifies a device and allows other devices to recognize it.

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Check if another app or website works

Try browsing to another website on your computer or opening another app on your device. If this does not solve the issue, there may be an issue with the device you are using. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your phone, tablet, or computer for assistance.

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ESPN on DISH Network - Channel 140.

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Check to see if the cables, including power, that link your router, modem, and the wall are secure. Unplug and re-plug them. Restart your router or modem manually by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in after 30 seconds. Sometimes routers just need a fresh reboot to get things going again.

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Double-click the Network Adapter entry to display your PC's network adapter's Properties dialog box. The General tab in the Properties dialog box lists the device status. Any problems detected by Windows appear in that message box. Otherwise, the message reads This device is working properly.

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Network Service Status

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Try the classic, switching your phone off and on again - sometimes this really does work. Check for any network problems or planned maintenance work in your area with our service status checker… Check your phone is running the latest software - for help with this, go to device support and search for 'update software'.

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  • If the T-Mobile app is not working after you’ve restarted your iPhone, there may be a deeper software problem with the app. The fastest way to troubleshoot a more significant software problem with the app is to delete and reinstall it. To delete the T-Mobile app, press and hold the app icon until all of your apps begin to jiggle.
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