Why is my led light bulb not working in europe?

Franz Cremin asked a question: Why is my led light bulb not working in europe?
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  • The trouble is of course that the light bulb was designed for 120V mains voltage, while in most European countries the voltage is 220V-240V. This is a high-quality LED bulb (93 CRI and an R9 of 60), and the model is unavailable for European voltages.


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There are several key causes for recessed lights that won’t turn on. The most common causes include: Blown Fuses; Bad Bulbs; Sagging Trim; Over insulation; Blown Sockets; Bad Wiring; Foul Limit Switches; There are so many little things that go into creating a good light bulb setup, especially with recessed lights.

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and on the light-bulb itself it says "120V~, 60Hz and 112mA." The trouble is of course that the light bulb was designed for 120V mains voltage, while in most European countries the voltage is 220V-240V. This is a high-quality LED bulb (93 CRI and an R9 of 60), and the model is unavailable for European voltages.

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