Why is my network adapter disabled?

Jaida Witting asked a question: Why is my network adapter disabled?
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Usually the problem is that your WiFi adapter connection is shown as Disabled in your Windows computer. This is literally because your WiFi network card has been disabled, and the reasons that cause it disabled is various, such as your wireless network card faulty, or your WiFi adapter driver corruption.

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Right-click your wireless network adapter (usually the gray one with the signal icon), then click Enable. You’ll be prompted for permission. Click Yes to confirm. After you enabled your wireless network adapter, the color of its icon will back to normal. Fix 3: Enable your wireless network adapter in Command Prompt

According to a survey, WiFi says disabled if your WiFi network card gets faulty or disabled. In addition, the outdated or corrupted network adapter driver, incorrect adapter settings, and WLAN AutoConfg service are responsible for the wireless adapter disabled.

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Under “Network Adaptors”, right click Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection” and click Uninstall. When prompted, check “Delete the driver software for this device”, and click “Ok”. Follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the network drivers and restart the computer. Run the driver file which was downloaded before. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the network drivers and restart the computer.

Though the ethernet line is connected to the CPU but again there is not any sign or icon of the network adapter. When you browse device manager. There as well you see miniature yellow triangle icon. This happens due to virus or hardware compatibility and the network adapter will be missed.

Go into device manager, and find the network adapter. Then, right-click and select properties. Next find the power management tab Finally un-tick the boxes on that tab that allow for the adapter to be turned off, and apply. you should now have no problems with it turning off all the time. Hope this helps :) Pandasarebest - Simon

I have a problem with the network adapter, repeatedly it is disabled or appears with limited access. Nowadays I have devices with Windows 10 enterprise and the model adapter is Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I219-LM. We have tried upgrading the driver but the issue still appear, also we have changing the speed and the duplex mode.

Whenever I try to connect to the internet, my network adapter will instantly disable itself. It can display the list of available networks just fine, but once I tried to connect to any one of it, the adapter will disable itself. I even tried to connect using USB Tethering with my phone, and the driver responsible for it also disabled itself.

At that time when i am not using the laptop for a while, sometimes i found my wifi gets disconnected itself. That ... I am accessing Internet over wifi network.

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