Why nordic tax rates wont work in usa?

Demario Abernathy asked a question: Why nordic tax rates wont work in usa?
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Perhaps a longer discussion about why America shouldn’t try to become like the Nordic countries — and would fail if it tried — is in order. 1) The Nordic system kills innovation, and the ...

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Why Nordic “Socialism” Won’t Work In The U.S. | Current Affairs. Close. 0. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived ...

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“Economists say high taxes work in the Nordic region because the notion of state welfare is so deeply rooted in its culture,” Jonas O Bergman and Kati Pohjanpalo wrote for Bloomberg.

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Why Nordic “Socialism” Won’t Work In The U.S… People in Nordic countries often get high rates of Seasonal Affective Disorder… But nice things cost money, and people in these countries pay taxes. If you think taxes aren’t money, you’re a snowflake.

Why a 70% top tax rate will not do ... “Economists say high taxes work in the Nordic region because the notion of state welfare ... Tax reform won’t work until we untangle the path a ...

This is compared to the 15 percent of GDP raised by the United States through its individual income taxes and payroll taxes. In order to raise a lot of income tax revenue, income tax rates in Scandinavian countries are rather high except for in Norway. Denmark’s top marginal effective income tax rate is 60.4 percent. Sweden’s is 56.4 percent.

Perhaps a longer discussion about why America shouldn’t try to become like the Nordic countries — and would fail if it tried — is in order. 1) The Nordic system kills innovation, and the ...

Taxes in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are progressive, but they are also flatter than in most other nations. In Denmark, for example, the top marginal tax rate is applied to all earnings more than 1.2 times the national average income. By comparison, the top marginal tax rate in the US is only applied to incomes that are 8.5 times the national ...

However, to stay globally competitive, these nations must maintain low corporate tax rates. The tax burden is therefore shifted to individuals, who pay taxes as high as 60 percent . This social redistribution scheme, to which everyone eagerly pays in, is only possible because Scandinavian countries have small, homogenous populations, without any commitment to supporting historically impoverished minorities .

That’s why lower levels of trust lead to higher rates of tax evasion. This was how Greece, reputed for low trust in Europe, lost a third of its tax revenue in 2010 while the nation was trying to survive a sovereignty debt crisis. Though America fares better in public finance, recent developments are disturbing as social trust slides.

The good professor finds three quantifiable reasons that may explain why taxes in Scandinavia are high, yet the incentives to be productive remain. The first is third-party verification of taxable ...

This system ensures that we can charge much higher total tax rates, up to 25% as some Nordics have them, without seeing too much leakage from tax avoidance and or evasion.

In the case of the Scandinavian countries, it’s the way in which the redistribution of tax and wealth from business works that makes a lot of their success possible.

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