Will a laser pointer work at laser tag?

Virginia Wilderman asked a question: Will a laser pointer work at laser tag?
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The facts about laser tag lasers


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How we built the world's largest laser pointer!

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No it won't. Laser pointer simply emit a laser beam whereas laser tag systems use other methods to register tags. The laser in laser tag is for effect. The actual laser doesn't tag the pack.

This keeps your dog active, healthy, and engaged — a good thing, especially when you’re away from home or at work. However, some experts in dog behavior claim that laser pointers are bad for dogs because they have the tendency to get obsessed with it, although there is still insufficient proof of this assertion.

When operated unsafely, or without certain controls, the highly-concentrated light from laser pointers and laser toys can be dangerous, causing serious eye injuries and even blindness.

Follow the simple guidelines above and go ahead and breakout the video camera and get some kitty laser tag going! The video below was filmed with a GoPro camera inside a tissue box and attached a laser pointer on top of it. Shoe laces were tied to the laser pointer, which allowed the videographer to move the box around. Enjoy.

Imagine pointing a laser pointer towards a plane whose pilots rely on their visions to operate the vehicle. It may cause major accidents and can put you in big trouble too. Using it in an unsafe manner. If you’re planning to use laser pointers for science experiments, laser tag, or modification, make sure you always take safety precautions.

My question is, do you think that laser pointer linked above would function well as a laser pointer for some Nerf guns? I would think I could just pop it out and place it in the gun with a power supply and I should be dandy, though I am an electronics/laser novice and so am unsure.

The only things I had to buy were some button cell batteries, and the laser diode. I got them both off eBay for... How to make a laser pointer for less than $2.

Press the space bar, so the square grid appears, and align it with the camera view (the center square on top of the laser tag software) Align it until it reaches a point where you point at one specific place and it will draw properly)

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