Will a national judiciary work?

Addison Schoen asked a question: Will a national judiciary work?
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California is one of 19 states that allow voters to recall and remove state officials from office before their terms end. In California, a recall can happen at almost any time for any reason, if ...

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As of August 2021, California uses two different systems for its selection of state court judges. The state's appellate judges are chosen by gubernatorial appointment —where the governor directly selects judges—followed by commission confirmation. Trial judges are elected by popular nonpartisan vote.

đź’» How does judiciary vote work in california government?

Judicial selection refers to the process used to select judges for courts. At the state level, methods of judicial selection vary substantially in the United States, and in some cases between different court types within a state. There are six primary types of judicial selection: partisan and nonpartisan elections, the Michigan-Ohio method, assisted appointment, gubernatorial appointment, and ...

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India is a federal State and has a single and unified judicial system with three tier structure, i.e. Supreme Court, High Courts and Subordinate Courts. The Indian constitution under Article 124(1) states that there shall be a Supreme Court of India constituting of a Chief Justice of India (CJI) and, until Parliament by law prescribes a larger number, of not more than seven other Judges.

The First National Judicial Pay Commission found that it would be in the interest and the health of the judiciary to form an AIJS.

First National Judicial Pay Commission (Shetty Commission): In the early 1960s, the issue was debated during the Chief Justices Conference and was favoured by the eminent body, but many States and High Courts opposed it. The First National Judicial Pay Commission found that it would be in the interest and the health of the judiciary to form an ...

All India Judicial Service is supposed to be a cadre of judicial officers below High Courts. Once realised, the recruitment will be done through an open competitive national level exam. Proposed to be an All India Service under Article 312, a National Judicial Commission will also be created to monitor the AIJS, working on the lines of UPSC.

Will a national judiciary work? In the current context, the feasibilit­y of the All India Judicial Service requires to be studied 2021-07-06 - Rajnish Pathiyil Rajnish Pathiyil is an Advocate and a Special Public Prosecutor for the Enforcemen­t Directorat­e, practising at the Madras High Court

National Judicial Pay Commission found that it would be in the interest and the health of the judiciary to form an AIJS. The report sup-ported and reiterated the recommendations of the 14th Law Commission . In the All-India Judgescase in 1992 the apex court had opined that the recommen-dations of the Law Commission should be ex-amined and ...

The First National Judicial Pay Commission found it was in the interests and health of the judiciary to establish an AIJS. The report supported and affirmed the recommendations of the 14th Legal Commission. In the 1992 All-India Judges case, the top court ruled that the Law Commission’s recommendations should be examined and implemented.

Source: The Hindu Relevance: The article analysis the idea of an All India Judicial Service through various judgments and recommendations of committees. Synopsis: The idea of an All India Judicial Service (AIJS) is surrounded by impairment of federal powers, language barriers, and debatable efficacy in addressing pendency. Thus, a cautious analysis needs to be done by constitutional experts ...

Will a national judiciary work? 06/07/2021 Article 233(1) of the Constitution lays down that “appointments of persons to be, and the posting and promotion of, district judges in any State shall be made by the Governor of the State in consultation with the High Court exercising jurisdiction in relation to such State”.

Will a national judiciary work? thehindu.com - Rajnish Pathiyil • 7h. The Union government appears to be steadfast in its resolve to implement reforms in recruitment and appointment to the subordinate judicial services… Read more on thehindu.com ...

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