Will my uk nespresso machine work in usa?

Madie Mayer asked a question: Will my uk nespresso machine work in usa?
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Hi all - I currently live in the uk and have a Krups Nespresso machine that is nearly new and that I love. I will be moving to the USA later this year, and would like to take it with me. Clearly, the power plug would need an adaptor to fit the US mains style plug. BUT, will the machine still work given the difference in power in the US vs. UK?

Hi, I brought a UK Nespresso machine to the US without realising I'd need a transformer. I tried to plug it in using a basic adapter and I had no power. I assume I need a transformer, but I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for - or if it's possible I've already damaged the machine by trying it without a transformer.

I have always wanted a Nespresso machine and now being unable to get barista made coffee, I’m ready to buy. The thing is we’re quarantining in the UK right now but will be returning to the US to live later this year. I’ve had major issues with laptop chargers and such when I‘ve been back and forth between the UK and US.

Re: Will my Swiss Nespresso machine work in the U.S. Yes, but you will need to run in on a 220VAC circuit. Yes, US houses have 220VAC, that is how power is distributed in the US to homes, and is what most large electric appliances run on there.

As well as different voltage, the US has a different frequency (60Hz compared to 50Hz in Europe), and the converter / transformer won't change that. Simple appliances will work fine but more complex ones (e.g TVs and, it seems, Nespresso machines) won't.

Fly like the wind! ... but careful you don't drop the coffee machine. Swiss Nespresso Machine use in USA - help please - Page 4 - English Forum Switzerland Other sites:

It’s not all doom and gloom though… it’s time to look at the silver lining. NEW STUFF!!!! My suggestion would be to sell all the electronics you don’t need. Yes, that means the 55″ Ultra HD flatscreen TV, the old hairdryer that your wife has been complaining about, toaster, blender and even that awesome one of a kind Nespresso machine.

No, it does not. Do not insist. The Nespresso machine does not make chocolate, no infusions, no lattes or anything else. The Nespresso machines, if you use official Nespresso capsules, only make black coffee.

These will not work in the UK, as our mains power is 220–240 V. To use these correctly, you need a transformer to step the voltage down. Even if you use a transformer to step the voltage down, it is possible that a US device will not work correctly - our power system runs at 50 Hz AC, whereas the US is 60 Hz AC.

If you’re wondering how Nespresso machines work, we’ve got you covered right here. Nespresso coffee makers are highly regarded and feature in our guide of the best coffee makers but what makes these machines work and how does a pod of coffee turn into a tasty drink?. Nespresso machines are...

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