Will new cd's work in old cars?

Damion Borer asked a question: Will new cd's work in old cars?
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Unless your car stereo specifies that it will play an MP3, MP3 music files burned onto a CD won't play in your car's stereo. In some instances, because of media protection encryption, burned MP3s auto convert to MP4 and will not play in your car stereo. Car stereos usually will only play "Audio" files.


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Cigarette Lighter? Depends on your car, and which one. Most newer cars cut off the 12V cig-lighter outlet when the car is off, but some cars may leave them on or leave just one on. My Frontier has (3) 12V sockets, I wired one of them to stay on all the time, but only for very small loads, like charging my flashlight.

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works need to be performed on the vehicle in Japan prior to exporting such as cleaning for biological contaminants like dirt, seeds, insects or leaves, the removal of aircon gas etc. works need to be performed on the vehicle after it has been imported such as fittng new tyres or child restraint anchor points.

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A car cigarette lighter consists of a coil of nichrome wire heated until it glows by a strong electrical current. When the driver pushes in the cigarette lighter, it presses the device into an electric receptacle, allowing the current to heat the coil.

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