Will old phones work on prepaid networks or phone?

Marcelle Willms asked a question: Will old phones work on prepaid networks or phone?
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💻 Will 3g phones work on 4g networks?

Can I use my 3G device on your 4G network? Yes! If you're using a 3G compatible device, your device will simply select the strongest available signal in your area, which in most cases will be 3G.

💻 Will old phones work on 5g networks?

So now the obvious question is, will old phones work on a 5G network? Unfortunately, no they will not. 5G technology requires additional components to be added to your phone to access the necessary spectrum to produce 5G speeds. Therefore your phone, unless built specifically for 5G connectivity, will not be able to access a 5G network.

💻 Will 4g cell phones work on 5g networks?

4G phones still work on a 5G network, they just won't get that coveted 5G speed… The truth is that 5G is not an entirely new network — it's just added on top of the 4G network. So your 4G phone will keep working just fine and you'll only have to upgrade if you want 5G's blazing speed.

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However, you will need to purchase a new Sprint Prepaid phone. Your Sprint As You Go phone will not work with Sprint Prepaid. Does Sprint have a prepaid plan? Sprint Prepaid offers the flexibility you seek from a wireless provider without the hassle. Sprint Prepaid offers: Plans and phones to fit any budget and every lifestyle.

For example, not every phone sold since 2018 is a 5G phone: the iPhone first got 5G support in 2020. Modern networks do not support old standards marleyPug / Shutterstock.com. While mobile standards are changing rapidly, that’s not exactly why old phones can’t connect to modern networks.

Yes, any compatible phone works on prepaid or postpaid SIM cards are free or cheap if you activate a prepaid plan with a company store. Resellers often charge more.

The short answer is yes, you will be able to use a prepaid GSM service with a GSM unlocked phone like the Samsung Galaxy S II. Simply pop in the activated prepaid SIM card and you should be able ...

Hops this helps PREPAID PHONES There have been some newer ones added but there not on my list yet, I need to upgrade the list. LG 6015i -- KIYOCERA --KWC 2325, KX414 -- MOTOROLA -- MotoW755, RazrV3m, V376, W385 -- PANTECH -- Jest -- Verizon -- Blitz, CDM7075, CDM8615, M7076, PN215 -- Most Verizon Wireless phones will work with our prepaid plans .

Samsung phones as old as the Galaxy S8 and Note8 will work, in the flagship families at least. It is unclear how far back support for less expensive devices in the A-series will extend.

Buying a prepaid cell phone doesn't require a long-term contract and credit check, so students with part-time jobs or older adults with no use of credit or a less-than-perfect credit record can get a phone easily. Because they don't require a contract, prepaid phones are fast and easy to buy.

There’s just one problem: Your device is most likely “locked” to your old carrier, meaning you can’t just take your old device to a new provider. However, if you can unlock your phone (the steps in this process will differ from carrier to carrier) you should have no problem switching providers without purchasing a new device.

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Will 3g phones connect to 5g networks?

network mode wifi

You definitely cannot take advantage of 5G speeds and technology with a 3G phone… It will be interesting to see how folks in rural areas that can currently only receive 3G signals will be impacted. Tracfone is extremely popular and their users will need to upgrade to VoLTE compatible devices by the end of 2020.

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4g frequencies – which uk networks will my phone work on?

All of the UK’s mobile networks offer 3G coverage on the 2100MHz frequency. In addition, EE provides 3G coverage on 2600MHz and O2 and Vodafone provide 3G coverage on 900MHz. For 4G LTE the main frequency is 800MHz with all four mobile networks providing 4G LTE coverage on the 800MHz frequency.

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Any prepaid phones with internet access?

If your friend has access to any WiFi hotspot but he can’t share its login details with you for some reason then you can simply ask him to connect to that WiFi network using his smartphone and then share it’s internet through bluetooth in your smartphone.. To do this, follow these steps: Connect your friend’s phone to the WiFi network & turn ON its bluetooth

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Does prepaid work as well as its networks carrier?

With a prepaid phone, you purchase the phone outright which means you pay the full cost of the phone upfront. You can buy prepaid phones via carriers, networks, and retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Once you take delivery of the phone, you can then shop around for a SIM-only (PAYG) deal for your data and calls and texts.

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Will airtel prepaid work in singapore?

Do I have to activate international roaming on an Airtel prepaid SIM so that I can use it in Singapore? No, because international roaming service is activated by default for prepaid SIMs. Do note that this is different than a roaming package (usually for a charge like a daily, weekly or monthly pack), which gives you some bundled or discounted voice /sms/data usage while roaming.

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Does sprint phones work on networks in jamaica contact?

Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan: Includes unlimited domestic calling, texting, 500MB LTE MHS, VPN & P2P & data. MHS reduced to 3G speeds after 500MB/mo. Third-party content/downloads are add’l. charge. Plan not avail. for tablets or MBB devices. Select Int’l svcs are included for phone lines. See sprint.com/globalroaming.

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Does sprint phones work on networks in jamaica website?

T-Mobile (inc. Sprint) cellular data network in Jamaica, New York, United States This map represents the coverage of T-Mobile (inc. Sprint) 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network in Jamaica. See also : T-Mobile (inc. Sprint) mobile bitrates map in Jamaica and Union Wireless , AT&T Mobility , Verizon Wireless , Carolina West Wireless , Cellular One , U.S. Cellular , AT&T FirstNet mobile networks coverage in Jamaica.

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Why do older phones work on older 3g networks?

  • There is a LOT of 3G station service equipment (think security services for example) that generates a steady revenue stream that will more than pay for maintaining it. Why piss off customers and risk losing them if you tell them they have to upgrade.

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Can wifi networks block phones?

fixed wireless

Tap Wi-Fi on the Settings menu. You can find this option at the top of the menu. It will open a list of all the available Wi-Fi networks around you. Tap the blue ℹ︎ icon next to your Wi-Fi network. Find the Wi-Fi you're currently connected to, and tap the blue "Info" icon next to its name on the right-hand side.

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Which prepaid carriers use verizon network phones?

There are more than a dozen carriers that use Verizon’s network, but these are the ones we recommend. Best value: Visible Wireless is changing the prepaid wireless industry for the better. If you’re looking for a stripped down plan with tons of data on the nation’s best network, Visible’s $40 unlimited plan is unbeatable.

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Will a prepaid visa work in mexico?

I know my prepaid visas (gift cards) say that they cannot be used. I forget the exact wording at the moment but I did make a mental note that I cannot use them in Mexico . Same for various gift cards, ie Ruth's Chris , etc.

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Will telstra prepaid work in new zealand?

Using PrePaid mobile in New Zealand - Telstra CrowdSupport - 539444. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic. Mark as New.

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Will us prepaid visa work in australia?

A Self-Addressed Express Post Prepaid Satchel (Plastic Envelope) from Australia Post. This MUST be provided for the return of your passport and U.S. visa. Paper envelopes from Australia Post, and envelopes/satchels from courier services/companies other than Australia Post will not be accepted.

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Do gsm unlocked phones only work with 2g networks available?

GSM phones work on AT&T and T-Mobile networks as well as all their partner carriers that operate on the GSM network. GSM is overall a better bet when travelling internationally. You may have to contact your carrier, however, and get your phone unlocked so it will work on other mobile carriers around the world.

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Do gsm unlocked phones only work with 2g networks free?

VERY IMPORTANT: No matter what you do to unlock a GSM/CDMA phone, they will ONLY work on a network with the same technology. So if you unlock a GSM phone, it will work on other GSM networks, but it will never work on a CDMA network (since there is no SIM card to put in the phone) and vise versa. *There is one exception to this rule.

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Do gsm unlocked phones only work with 2g networks price?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a GSM standard used by all carrier network providers. So a GSM unlocked 4G LTE cell phone will be able to use GSM (2G and 3G) services as well as 4G LTE services. The frequencies that this phone would be able to access are 850 and 1900 MHz for 2G and 3G, and bands 2,4 and 17 for LTE.

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Do gsm unlocked phones only work with 2g networks reviews?

If you have an older phone that runs on the GSM network, then you might only be able to switch to T-Mobile, AT&T and their MVNO's. You can check out all of the carriers that run on GSM if you're thinking of switching, or you can use our phone compatibility tool below to see which carriers are compatible with your older GSM device.

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Do gsm unlocked phones only work with 2g networks video?

These differ slightly from region to region. To work with your wireless carrier, you phone must support the frequencies your wireless carrier uses. It’s for this reason that all unlocked phones won’t work perfectly with all carriers. When it comes to 2G, there are only four commonly used GSM frequencies: 850, 900, 1800, and 1900.

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Does cricket allow other networks on their phones to work?

Cricket only allows a small number of devices to use its 5G network. If you have or purchase one of the following phones you can use it on Cricket’s 5G network with a compatible plan: Apple Apple iPhone 12 Apple iPhone 12 mini

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Does sprint phones work on networks in jamaica new york?

Sprint cellular data network in Jamaica, New York, United States This map represents the coverage of Sprint 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network in Jamaica.

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How does prepaid internet work on a cell phone?

  • It resembles using a cell phone as a modem, except that these devices can transmit data at a faster rate. Prepaid mobile is advertised as "broadband" since it transmits at rates up to 115 kbps [source: bmobile ]. Prepaid mobile Internet typically charges by the kilobyte or megabyte of data transferred.

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What networks does prepaid mobile use?

US Mobile Phone Plans US Mobile is a prepaid provider of no contract wireless phone plans. The company launched in 2014 as a T-Mobile MVNO that offered its subscribers the ability to custom build their own phone plans which it still does today. In the October of 2017, US Mobile expanded to provide coverage on Verizon’s network.

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What phones will work on verizons network?


Carriers that use Verizon's network along with other networks:

  • Red Pocket.
  • Twigby.
  • Ting.
  • Pix Wireless.
  • Tracfone.
  • Net10.
  • Straight Talk.
  • US Mobile.

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